Ask The Experts: Quirky Foods to Serve at Your Winter Wedding

Couples have many options when looking for quirky foods to serve at their winter wedding. Focusing on warm or off-season foods will dazzle each guest while satiating their hunger or thirst. You can also match your menu selections with your theme or location. It depends on what you’d most enjoy eating on your big day.
Check out a few quirky foods to serve at your winter wedding that will impress your guests and satisfy every taste bud.

Discover Quirky Winter Wedding Foods

Quirky Foods to Serve at Your Winter Wedding

photo by Samantha Burke Photography – full shoot here 

1. Grilled Cheese

Pleasing all of your guests is the biggest challenge when creating your wedding menu. Everyone has different preferences and younger guests may not care for fancier foods.
That’s why grilled cheese is the best quirky food for your cocktail hour or dinner. Add a bit of fun to the meal by making mini grilled cheese sandwiches for guests to dip in tomato soup shot glasses.

Quirky Foods to Serve at Your Winter Wedding

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2. Spinach Puff Pastries

Warm, savory spinach puff pastries are the ultimate winter delight. The satisfying twang of spinach hides beneath butter and cheese, plus a bit of salty bacon. Serve them alongside other quirky foods like prosciutto pinwheels to complete your winter buffet.

3. Italian Wedding Soup

No one expects the flavour powerhouse of chicken sausage when they eat Italian wedding soup. It’s savory and juicy while being the perfect protein base. As long as the meat cooks until it reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit, your soup will be everyone’s favorite reception entree.

Quirky Foods to Serve at Your Winter Wedding

photo by  Marie Marry Me – full wedding here

4. Pomegranate Feta Salad

You don’t need to serve exclusively carb-heavy foods at your wedding. You can also make your menu different by serving pomegranate feta salad alongside varied diet-friendly meal recipes secure in the knowledge that each guest’s dietary needs are being respected. Salty cheese and sweet seeds go well with any dressing. It may even become one of your meal prep recipes and help you continue eating healthy long after your wedding day ends.

5. Hot Dogs

You might not think of hot dogs as wedding food, which is precisely why it’s an excellent quirky menu addition. Skewer hot dog slices with pretzel bites for everyone to dip in cheese during cocktail hour.
There won’t be an unhappy guest in the house, even if you invite families with young kids. You could also work hot dogs into your menu by mixing them into other dishes like mac and cheese or casseroles.

Quirky Foods to Serve at Your Winter Wedding

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6. Gazpacho

Cold soup doesn’t work with winter weddings, but you can always serve warm gazpacho for a quirky twist. The tomato base is a crowd-pleaser and pairs perfectly with traditional soup sides like sliced bread, salad or potato wedges.

7. Cotton Candy

Brides serve cotton candy in various forms because it’s a versatile, quirky wedding food. Caterers could make it on the spot with a cotton candy machine. It can also be a decorative element on other desserts like cupcakes or cookies.
Bartenders can also pour cocktails and mocktails over cotton candy in your selected glasses. It adds a sugary base and fun color to any of your favorite sweetened drinks. Whether you stock up on pre-bagged cotton candy or set up a machine, everyone will enjoy the unique addition to your menu.

Quirky Foods to Serve at Your Winter Wedding

photo by Juliana Noelle Jumper – full shoot here

8. Clambake

People typically make clambakes in the summer, but it’s a year-round food. It’s also great for large crowds because it’s self-serve. Your guests could fill their plates from a warm pile of:

  • Lobster
  • Mussels
  • Clams
  • Oysters
  • Shrimp
  • Corn
  • Potatoes

It’s an excellent choice for seaside venues, but it’s even quirkier if your wedding doesn’t happen near the coast. Personalize your clambake with dipping sauces and sides to surprise your guests with a classic meal.

Quirky Foods to Serve at Your Winter Wedding

photo by Hannah Smith Photography – full wedding here 

9. Jasmine Cookies

Brides who love tea could serve jasmine cookies at their wedding. The floral notes of jasmine petals pair well with the subtle sweetness of shortbread dough. Pair with jasmine tea or floral cocktails to please all your guests.
If you’ve never tried jasmine cookies before, you can make them at home to try them ahead of time. The small petals don’t take up chunks of cookie because they aren’t the same size as rose petals. Their flavor also isn’t overpowering, so you may fall in love with them even if you describe yourself as a picky eater.

10. Ice Cream Sundaes

There are so many ways to serve ice cream sundaes at your reception. The best part is every guest can personalize their dish so no one feels disappointed.
Pick a few ice cream flavors for your base, like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Your guests can select toppings from a sundae buffet. They may love candies, syrups, fruits or other popular sundae ingredients.
Not sure how to create a sundae bar? Research ice cream trucks or caterers near your venue. They could set everything up with a food truck or equipment inside the venue. Either way, your guests will love the creative dessert idea while you dine on your private wedding cake.

Quirky Foods to Serve at Your Winter Wedding

photo by Jess Yarwood – full wedding here





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