Bridal Style: Be Unique With Coloured Wedding Rings

Ever heard of the saying ‘your wedding, your rules?’ Well, that doesn’t just apply to planning how your special day should go. It can also extend to what stays with you after the big event.
Colored wedding rings are not the usual route for couples getting married, but just because they are the road less taken doesn’t mean you should completely forego the idea, right?
In fact, go with it! If you think that coloured diamonds in your wedding ring are what will feel best and reflect your personality, then right now, the question that remains is where you will find the perfect one.
Before buying one, though, it is important to do research first and understand important factors about them so you can fully decide if a coloured wedding ring like the ones from jewellery shops such as Astteria is the right choice for you.

Be Unique With Coloured Wedding Rings


Bridal Style: Be Unique With Coloured Wedding Rings

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What Are Coloured Wedding Rings?

While most wedding rings are simple bands that are identical to each other, the option to have a coloured wedding ring is present.
Basically, coloured wedding rings are made with coloured diamonds as their centrepieces. The choices for which colour is vast as there are quite a few selections of colours to choose from. You can either consider your wedding motif, favourite colour, or a shade that is meaningful to both you and your soon-to-be other half.

Bridal Style: Be Unique With Coloured Wedding Rings

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Are Coloured Wedding Rings Popular?

Although not the usual choice, coloured wedding rings are quite popular because not only are they unique, but they also act as a statement piece of jewellery.
Coloured diamonds are fun and enticing to look at, and while colourless diamonds will forever be seen as a classic wedding ring option, one should not feel pressured to go with them. You can absolutely add a pop of colour to what might easily become your favourite wedding memento by opting for a coloured diamond instead.

The popularity of coloured diamonds is established due to the fact that some of them are incredibly rare. Now, while this means a single carat can easily cost you a thousand pounds, it can also translate to just how special you want your wedding ring to be.
If in case natural coloured diamonds are a bit too expensive, then there’s the artificial counterpart that you can go with instead. They are still quite expensive but not as expensive as natural ones.
Don’t worry; one can barely tell that they are laboratory-grown as it is quite impossible to discern natural from artificial with just the naked eye.

Bridal Style: Be Unique With Coloured Wedding Rings

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How To Maintain Coloured Wedding Rings?

Every piece of jewellery needs some extra TLC in order to last you a long time. With coloured diamonds in your wedding ring, you would want to add even more caution and care to maintain them as they can easily become a family heirloom and be passed on from generation to generation.

It is ideal to remove your wedding ring when doing rough house chores as they can be dented or even removed from the setting- this is especially true for protruding diamonds. It is also preferable for your coloured wedding ring not to come into contact with specific chemicals such as bleach.

Ultimately, to ensure that its beauty lasts for a long time, make sure to bring it to a jeweller for a thorough cleaning and polish. Doing this will ensure that your wedding ring will look like it’s always brand new.

Bridal Style: Be Unique With Coloured Wedding Rings

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If you are not too fond of simple wedding bands and are looking for something that can stay as an even memorable memento of the day you said ‘yes’, then coloured wedding rings might just be the one for you. Coloured diamond wedding rings are not difficult to find. In fact, you can browse through online catalogues of jewellery shops like Astteria, and you will be greeted with a wide variety of selections where you can find the perfect one for you or your soon-to-be partner in life.






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