Bridal Style: 5 Stunning Benefits of Lab Created Diamonds

Over the past decade, lab-grown diamonds have been taking the jewellery industry by storm. Finally, there is a responsible and reputable way to get the diamonds that you want at a price that you can afford. While there may be some misconceptions about lab-created stones, the demand for these stunning and authentic jewels is increasing every year.

Up until now, the only alternative to get a stunning diamond was to rely on the mining industry. While that is the traditional method of diamond extraction, there are many political, sociological, and environmental negatives that are associated with that industry. In fact, until the emergence of lab-created diamonds, many people were avoiding purchasing diamonds that are mined.

For those that are on a tight budget, but still want to be able to purchase stunning diamond jewellery, lab-created stones are the perfect alternative. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of lab-created diamonds.

5 Stunning Benefits of Lab-Created Diamonds

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What Are Lab-Created Diamonds?

Before we explore some of the stunning benefits of lab-created diamonds, we should take a look at exactly what “lab-created” means. It may seem unlikely that anything that is created in a lab could be authentic. However, the process of creating diamonds in the lab is completely legitimate.

High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) are the two methods that are used to create diamonds in the lab. Both processes begin with a small seed diamond and can create high-quality carbon-based diamonds that are as authentic as stones that are mined out of the earth.

HPHT diamonds are created by imposing a high level of heat and pressure onto a small seed diamond to produce the friction that is emulated in the natural process of gem creation. The CVD process exposes seed diamonds to carbon-rich gasses that once ionized create a plasma that adheres to the seed and initiates growth.

5 Stunning Benefits of Lab-Created Diamonds

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Benefits of Lab Created Diamonds

Affordable Prices

Before lab-created diamonds, beautiful quality jewels were out of reach for many people. You may have wanted to buy your partner the engagement ring of their dreams, but just couldn’t afford the payments and had to settle for something else. Now, you can get a larger and better quality stone for much lower prices. In general, lab-grown diamonds have a 50% to 60% lower retail price than mined stones. This opens up many opportunities for consumers.

With lower prices on lab-created diamonds, you can now afford to buy your loved ones the gifts that you have always admired. Lab-created diamonds are available in rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklace pendants.


Lab-grown and mined diamonds are compositionally identical. Most jewellers cannot tell the difference, even under scrutiny. Both types of stones possess the same chemical and physical compounds and are generally only distinguishable because of their origins.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical composition, a hardness scale measurement of 10, equal light dispersion measurements, and identical crystalline structures. This means that, regardless of the fact that they are grown in a laboratory environment, synthetic diamonds are just as real and authentic as those that are found on the earth.

5 Stunning Benefits of Lab-Created Diamonds

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Lab-created diamonds have impeccable quality. Diamonds that are grown in the lab are subject to the same grading scale as natural diamonds. When focusing on carat size, cut, clarity, and colour most jewellers find that lab diamonds are superior to natural diamonds in many cases.

When diamonds are lab-grown they are created in a controlled environment that eliminates the natural flaws like impurities in color, inclusions, and stone blemishes. This results in diamonds that are in the highest range of quality.


For responsible consumers, the origin of their diamonds is an important consideration. The diamond mining industry has been plagued by internal conflict, discriminating labor policies, and environmental disasters. For the consumer who is interested in sustainable products, lab-created diamonds are an excellent option.

Environmentally Sustainable

The amount of energy and pollution that is required to mine a single diamond out of the earth is extensive. Through pit mining, large swaths of the natural environment have been destroyed, along with the extensive machinery running on fossil fuels that are needed for the processing operation. Diamonds that are grown in a lab environment do not use endless natural resources and pose little threat to the surrounding environment. This makes lab-grown diamonds a superior sustainable choice that is eco-friendly.

5 Stunning Benefits of Lab-Created Diamonds

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Jewellery consumers are becoming more aware of their choices’ financial and ecological impact. If you are on a tight budget but still want access to sustainable diamonds, choosing lab-created stones could be perfect.






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