The bride wears Valentino and the groom wears Prada….a perfect wedding in Italy

Welcome to Monday everyone! To ease you into the week I have a rather special wedding from Italy which was sent into me by Becky Lowis from Bayly & Moore . The couple are Graziano and Jenny who were married on 23rd July 2011 with the ceremony at Feltre City Hall Veneto, Italy and the reception at Villa Zasso, Belluno Veneto, Italy, with 80 guests.

Italy wedding

It’s a stunning wedding with some beautiful shots from Becky. I am a big lover of tilt shift, I know it’s not to everyone’s taste but I just adore it, and this wedding has some amazing images in it. As for the bride and groom what a stylish couple, so natural and effortless. Jenny’s Valentino gown is just breathtaking! and so nice to see something more individual!

Italy wedding Italy wedding

Graziano and Jenny describe their day as ‘A day full of emotion and laughter’ It was the wedding we wanted!’

Italy wedding

How they met
we met at work, in a cartoons studio in Rome, where we live. We’ve been together 5 years before getting married.

Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding

Planning the wedding
We chose the date one year before and we spent the time researching and looking at wedding blogs and swearing all – the time the italian way to organize a wedding.

Italy wedding Italy wedding

The venue
We got married there for two reasons: one linked to the tradition that the couple married at the bride’s village, beautiful Veneto is a region rich in Renaissance and Palladian villas that we love. As soon as we had seen Villa Zasso we realized it was the right place!

Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding

The dress and suit
Jenny had a Valentino dress and vintage shoes
Graziano had a Prada suit and Valentino shoes

In Italy usually groomsmen and bridesmaids have different dresses. Gra’s two sisters wore black and white dresses and my brother wore a grey suit.

Italy wedding Italy wedding

We started from the colours of my dress, nude with black and white embroidered little flowers and a black ribbon around the waist and we choosed white flowers and little black ribbons as a decoration.

Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding

We had many dishes all typical of the italian cooking: pasta, seafood and meat with vegetables.

Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding

We asked a friend that works as a DJ for parties and events to come and play music.

Entertainment Entertainment Italy wedding

White hydrangea everywhere and babybreath for my bouquet. Picked out from 100+ types of flowers for the aesthetics & meaning.

Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding

We made tabletops with numbers from BHLDN and black ribbons, macarons in small pocket as favors and small white candles around the flower centerpiece. We had paper cones tied with black ribbon for the rice, which the guests throw at the couple after the ceremony.

Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding

Planning Advice
Don’t believe people when they tell you that “details are not so important, because that day you won’t notice anything”. That day you’ll notice everything but you just won’t care because you can’t change anything anyway and you’ll be tired and excited. But take care of details anyway

Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding

Biggest surprise
To find that, even if you don’t have time to dedicate to everyone as you may like people still have fun and a good time and that makes you happy.

Italy wedding Italy wedding Italy wedding

Supplier Shout Outs 
Photographers: Bayly&Moore www.baylymoore.com
Venues: www.villazasso.it
Dress: http://valentino.com
Suit: www.prada.com/

For more information on Bayly and Moore got to
Website address: www.baylymoore.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: +6421 202 4994

And a bit more about them:
Hiya, we’re Sophia Bayly and Simon Moore and most of the year we’re from Auckland, NZ. We travel anywhere around New Zealand and the world to shoot stills, stop motion animation and film content.  Documentary style storytelling is what we dig more than anything – shooting images that tell genuine stories and show real people at their best. We’re based in Auckland, NZ but shoot all over the world. We’d totally love to meet you if we’re ever in your neck of the woods, or you’re in ours. (you never know who you’ll meet in the woods these days…)


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    Such a beautiful and chic wedding – am seriously in love with the bride’s dress and the understated touch of her plaited hair with Valentino. A perfect example of when enough is enough – not less is more or OTT, but perfectly pretty. Thanks for sharing! XX

    Samara Kruskopf

    So beautiful.. They look so cool, and I totally agree about her comment in regards to all the little details. This would have to be my favourite wedding that I’ve seen online. Go the NZ photographers! Thanks for sharing x


    I just saw this link from the MSW blog. This is such a beautiful wedding celebration. Her dress is simple, unique and elegant with shoes to match. Her flowers seem so economical and just as elegant too. I would love to get married in Italy! Thanks for sharing!


    Hi!!! We are Jenny & Gra, the couple in this post :-)
    It’s so strange to find us around! Simon and Sophia made an awesome shoot and we fell in love with them, you should have them for your wedding day shoot!
    Here’s our blog, we are two illustrators making nice stuff and screenprints, come and visit it!




    If only I could go back in time and do it all again. Stunning.
    Instead, Ill plan to go to Villa Z this year on our european holiday and take pictures with my Husband and 6 month old bubba, Sam.


    Does anyone know where you can actually buy her dress? I can’t find it on the Valentino website.

    Mellissa @ de Lovely Affair

    Love this amazing wedding, the style, the class, simply gorgeous. I would love to showcase a few of these pics on our website which caters to international and multicultural weddings!
    Thanks for sharing,


    Just Perfact. i’m envy. The dress the shoes the scienery.. all with chick and v e r y good and delicate taste.

    fantastic . have a great life together…


    i am from israel..the dress is beautifull! i would like to buy exactly that dress.. from where can i buy it ? i live in israel but i can order it by line..

    i appriciate if you can help me with that



    Wow – this is quite possibly the most stylist bride I’ve ever seen. Simple, individual and such fabulous shoes! Thank you for sharing!


    Hi there!
    We are Jenny and Gra, the two got married up here.

    Many thanks to all of you for sharing our wedding!
    We spent so much time taking care of details and creating by ourself invitations and graphics that we decided we would create our Wedding Stationery collection, dedicate to couple that look for something different and fresh.
    And we did it!
    Here is our blog and our Stationery, take a look and share it with your friends.


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