Ask The Experts: 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Ring

Choosing your wedding ring is a big decision. After all, you’ll be wearing it every day for the rest of your life! You want to find one that’s perfect for you and your spouse-to-be, but with several factors to consider, it can be tough to know where to start. Here are a few top tips to help make the process easier.

Ask The Experts: 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Ring


When it comes to choosing a wedding ring, budget is everything. Wedding bands come in all shapes, sizes and prices, and it’s easy to get carried away when you start shopping around.
Before you start browsing, it’s essential to sit down with your partner and set a budget, as this will help you narrow down your search and avoid spending more than you can afford. Wedding rings are like no other jewellery because you wear them 24/7, so you’ll need to strike a balance between a piece you love and one that doesn’t break the bank. If you’re looking to save money on a diamond set wedding ring, take a step down in colour and clarity or consider increasingly popular lab-grown diamonds. 


When shopping for a wedding ring, give yourself plenty of time. Rushing into a purchase can lead to regret later on, especially if you end up with a ring that doesn’t truly reflect your style or personality. Ideally, you should start shopping several months before your wedding date, giving you ample time to try on different rings and find the perfect one for you. Keep in mind that bespoke or engraved wedding rings like those from Anania’s Wedding Rings will take longer to create and plan accordingly.

Ask The Experts: 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Ring


As you’ll be wearing it every day, your chosen wedding ring should be well-suited to your lifestyle. If you work with your hands, you may want to consider a durable metal such as platinum or a plain band that won’t trap dirt. If you’d like a diamond set wedding ring but enjoy an active lifestyle, a bezel setting will protect the precious stones. Think about whether you’d like to prioritise comfort or style, try on different rings and consider how each one would complement your everyday life. Wedding bands come in so many different styles, you’re sure to  find one that’s perfect for you.


With unlimited options to choose from, selecting your dream wedding ring can be daunting. Make your search easier by thinking carefully about your personal style — do you prefer classic and timeless pieces, or are you drawn to modern designs? Do you want something simple, or would you prefer an ornate piece? Consider metal type, ring shape and setting as well as the carat, cut and quality of any diamonds. This will give you a clear idea of the type of ring you’re looking for.

Ask The Experts: 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Ring


It’s crucial to think about quality when wedding ring shopping. Look for a band made from high-quality materials, such as 18-karat gold or platinum, to ensure durability and lasting beauty. It’s also worth considering the cut and clarity of any diamonds in the ring — a well-cut diamond will sparkle even in low light, and a stone with excellent clarity is sure to make your ring stand out. For a wedding band to treasure forever, choose a handmade diamond jewellery specialist you can trust.


You want your wedding ring to have the look you’ve always dreamed of, but comfort is also key. Try on different styles until you find something that feels natural, taking time to stretch and move your fingers. Your wedding ring shouldn’t disrupt your daily life and should remain comfortable no matter what you’re doing.

Ask The Experts: 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Ring


Choosing your wedding rings is a special experience to enjoy as a couple before the big day. When you shop for your rings together, you can easily find wedding bands that complement one another and ensure you’re investing in the right set.


It’s common to choose a wedding ring that complements your engagement ring, as both will be worn side by side for the rest of your life. When trying on wedding rings, consider how your favourite styles sit next to your engagement ring and whether they work with its profile. You may decide to choose a shaped wedding ring with a delicate curve or Z-shape.

Ask The Experts: 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Ring


It may not be exciting to think about, but considering insurance is a critical part of wedding ring shopping. If you’d be upset should your ring get lost or stolen, it’s valuable enough to insure!


If you’re looking for a wedding band that’s completely unique, a custom ring is a perfect option. Work with an experienced jeweller to create a stunning piece specific to your style, and be safe in the knowledge that your ring is truly one of a kind.

Ask The Experts: 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Ring




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