Bridal Style: 25 Party dresses for the Christmas party season

If you follow me on twitter you will know that this week I have been on a mission to find myself an outfit for my Boho Christmas Party which take place in Sheffield in 5 days….gulp!  My search has been far from easy and to be honest I still haven’t found ‘The’ dress. I am currently waiting on 5 different dresses to arrive and I’m hoping that I like one of them!….lets not even think about shoes, bag, jewellery and what on earth I’m going to do with me hair!

So what with trawling round the shops on Tuesday afternoon with my long-suffering husband, and then a good 4 hours spent on the internet I thought I would share with you some of my findings, in case you are also looking for that perfect party dress for this Christmas season.

My favourite is in this first ‘Sparkles’ section, I hope when it arrives it looks OK!

1) French Connection £160  2) ASOS £75   3) Debenhams £84   4) All Saints £165   5) ASOS £105


party dresses

1) Warehouse £100  2) Ted Baker £129   3) ASOS £75   4) ASOS £120  5) Oasis £80


party dresses1) French Connection £165   2) Oasis £90  3) ASOS £105   4) Top Shop £140  5) Ted Baker £249


party dresses1) Warehouse £90  2) Ted Baker £129   3) ASOS £60    4) Oasis £65   5) Fire Trap £85


party dresses

1) Warehouse £130    3) Ted Baker £149   4) Oasis £48   5)Fire Trap £80


I hope you like my selection and have found it useful. I’d love to know what your favorite is. If you are coming to my party what you’re wearing!…christmas jumper, Santa outfit,  or party frock?? anything goes!

Christmas Boho Love

Kelly xx

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    Laurra - One Life Weddings

    Thank you! I found that massively useful… though which ones are you choosing- wouldn’t want to turn up in the same thing!


    Luara 4 have arraved today, 2 from the sparkles range, and the french connection from the maxi and another one that isn’t on there at all. Not decied yet, but it won’t be the maxi french connection.


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