Ask The Experts: Creating a Dream Hen Do – The Do’s and Don’ts

Hen do’s, or Bachelorette parties if you are in the US. have gone through a serious make-over in the last couple of decades. They were once simply tea parties and picnics, but have now transformed into three-day long party extravaganzas with private chartered boats, limousines, and 5-star restaurants, to name a few. But, hey, we’re definitely not complaining! One of the most fun parts about your wedding is definitely the Hen Do! and of course the Stag Do for the men. Nik my husband actually says that his stag do was the best day of his life, not the wedding (Cheers Nik!) So when choosing where to have your hen do and what sort of day/weekend/week you want remember it can be a wonderful memory maker! To give you all some first class Hen Do planning advice I have enlisted the experts at Xo Fetti, they are full of fab advice and ideas.

Creating a Dream Hen Do – The Do’s and Don’ts 

One of the most important aspects of a fairy tale bachelorette party is the guest list. The group chosen for the party has to fit the vibe, get along with one another, and ultimately make sure that the bride has the time of her freaking life. We know that the pressure’s on, bestie, which is why we’re here to help answer all of the bachelorette party questions you may have.

Creating a Dream Hen Do - The Do's and Don'ts

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Who’s in charge of throwing the Hen Do?

Commonly, the maid of honour or a chosen BFF with seriously sick party planning skills gets chosen as the planner, but there are really no solid rules. Our best advice is to narrow down the number of people on party planning duty so that confusion is at a bare min. You know what they say, “too many cooks”!

How much should the bride be involved in the process?

This is totally dependent on what the bride wants. Some soon-to-be brides want to be super involved in the party planning and guest list, while others just want to confirm or review it once it’s curated. Unless the bride says that she specifically wants to be surprised, maybe skip out on shocking her with her guest list. You don’t want to accidentally invite someone who may not add to her bachelorette party vibes.

Creating a Dream Hen Do - The Do's and Don'ts

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Who goes on the Hen Do party guest list?

The hen do guest list doesn’t have to be strictly gals from her bridal party. This is actually the perfect time to invite some of her besties that didn’t quite cut the wedding list, to begin with. This list can be limited to just her best friends or extended to her family members as well. The best thing to consider when choosing the lucky girlies is to ask yourself: will this person enhance the hen do celebration?

To send invitations or not?

Um, hell yes! Any way to get the crew excited about the celebrations to come is a win in our eyes. Keep it simple and send an initial email out to the prospective group with logistical information to get an idea of who will be able to come. Once you have the party guest list locked in you can then send out a super cutesy e-card to get the crew PUMPED! The only thing left to do at that point is order your bride to be sash for the star of the show then make sure you have fun party straws for the entire crew to sip out of all weekend.

Creating a Dream Hen Do - The Do's and Don'ts

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How many people should be on the hen do guest list?

This is another question that can only be answered by the bride and her party planning committee. The first thing to do is to check in with the bride. Consider the location, time frame, and budget. If you’re headed on a plane to a party destination inviting 30 girls could be a serious headache, but if you’re bar hopping in your hometown, the more the merrier!



The best part about creating a personalised Hen Do is that it’s tailor-made for your beautiful bride. As long as you have her best interest in mind, there’s no going wrong.







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