Ask the Experts: The Most Scenic Honeymoons for Romantic View Hunting Couples

The honeymoon is one of those trips that require careful and thoughtful planning. After all, the idea is to relax and spend some quality time with your new spouse.
When planning for a honeymoon, there are many factors to consider. Of course, it must be a destination that you both love, either a new place or a destination with sentimental value to both of you. Regardless, it should be something scenic and offers the most romantic views.
To help you plan your honeymoon, check out this list of the most scenic honeymoons for romantic view hunting couples.


The Most Scenic Honeymoons for Romantic View Hunting Couples

With rolling hills, impressive lochs, and dramatic landscapes, Scotland makes for the perfect luxury honeymoon destination for couples looking for romantic views. Just imagine cosying up together in your own luxurious and cosy cabin in the Highlands. Watch the world go by and observe the changing landscape from your windows with huge skies and wild mountains waiting for you to explore.

It’s a known fact that Scotland has no shortage of breathtaking romantic scenery. If you’re looking for white sandy beaches with dazzling blue waters, head to the Outer Hebrides. Here, you can spend the days frolicking by the shore and watching romantic sunsets. Because of its remote locations, you will often have the beach to yourself and enjoy tranquil walks along the sand without dealing with tourist crowds.

Stargazing is not limited to Alaska and Iceland, Scotland has its share of dark skies perfect for viewing the vast expanse of the Milky Way. In fact, you can even witness the stunning Northern Lights if you visit during the autumn and winter months. While you might prefer to relax on your honeymoon, it would be exciting to include some fun activities to make your Scottish holiday even more memorable. You can go hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and more!


The Most Scenic Honeymoons for Romantic View Hunting Couples

Lovestruck couples seeking romantic views will find no better location to celebrate their life as newlyweds than Iceland. Famous for its ethereal landscapes and natural wonders, such as the Dettifoss Waterfall and The Blue Lagoon, Iceland is a country like no other.

Aside from its stunning landscape scenery, Iceland is famous for its wide range of activities, such as glacier hiking, horseback riding, snorkelling, scuba diving, and more. Depending on your and your partners’ interests, there’s no shortage of fun activities you can do here. But if you prefer to spend your days exploring all the best that Iceland can offer, pick up a 4×4 from Keflavik Airport and safely enjoy stunning views of the fjords.

After driving all over the country, the best way to relax and rejuvenate is at the world-famous Blue Lagoon Spa. Aside from its soothing waters and breathtaking scenery, this spa is complete with facilities to provide you with a relaxing experience, such as a mask bar, where you can benefit from the revitalizing properties of algae and silica. There’s also a sauna and steam room that directly provides heat from Earth.

New Zealand

The Most Scenic Honeymoons for Romantic View Hunting Couples

Breathtaking, diverse landscapes and stunning natural scenery are some of the reasons New Zealand is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world, especially for couples looking for romantic views. Home to epic mountains, pristine grasslands, breathtaking glaciers, idyllic beaches, and never-ending farmlands, New Zealand is a true paradise on Earth. The country presents endless options for your honeymoon, whether you prefer a relaxing escape or an adventurous trip.

Dunedin is a beautiful city to visit on your honeymoon in New Zealand, whether you’re the adventurous type or you want to relax in a scenic place. It has secluded beaches, incredible coastal hikes, scenic drives, and majestic waterfalls. After spending some time in Dunedin, head to Auckland, the country’s largest city. Located on New Zealand’s west coast, the city has numerous harbours and marinas. The most popular is the Viaduct Harbour. Aside from its beautiful coastal views, the area is also home to excellent bars, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques.


The Most Scenic Honeymoons for Romantic View Hunting Couples

Hawaii is home to many different islands that are all beautiful, making it one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. These Hawaiian Islands are home to spectacular beaches with a laid-back vibe, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing honeymoon while surrounded by stunning views of nature, especially on Kauai Island. The views of Kauai Island are awe-inspiring, from the famous Napili Coast to the spectacular Waimea Canyon.

The Napili Coast is definitely the most beautiful part of Kauai. Located on the north shore, it is a chiselled coast carved out of the cliff resulting in a truly dramatic landscape. The best way to enjoy the views is through a helicopter ride, where you can marvel at the spectacular views of Kauai from above. If you want to spend your days frolicking at the beach, outside one of the lush Kauai beach houses, head to the East Side, where you will find the Kealia Beach Park, a beautiful stretch of white sand with long sand bars residing underwater.

Perhaps, the best part about your honeymoon to Kauai is you will find plenty of options for luxury accommodations. The island has luxury vacation homes that cater to honeymooners and all kinds of travellers.


The Most Scenic Honeymoons for Romantic View Hunting Couples

With its old-world charm, savoury cuisines, inspiring scenery, and natural marvels, Vietnam makes for an ideal destination for honeymooners seeking romantic views. Your honeymoon to Vietnam is sure to provide you with some unforgettable memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life

When going to Vietnam for a honeymoon, forget about the bustling cities of Hanoi or Saigon. While these cities are great to explore, there are far better destinations in the country for a relaxing honeymoon. Instead, head to Da Lat, a charming town in South Central Highlands. Famous for its dramatic landscape scenery, lovely atmosphere, and flower-filled parks, Da Lat will make your honeymoon getaway truly romantic.

If you prefer to spend your honeymoon at the beach, you should go to Phu Quoc Island. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the island is home to beautiful white-sand beaches and quiet fishing villages. But unlike the more popular beaches in Thailand, the beaches in Phu Quoc are quieter and less crowded, giving you and your spouse privacy as you enjoy some romantic moments.







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