Ask the Experts: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Wedding Jewellery

When it comes to your wedding day, every single detail matters in your pursuit of looking your best. Once the dress, veil, bouquet, and all other bigger facets of your outfit are done and settled, it’s time for you to touch on the small things: your wedding jewelry. When done right, it’s like the icing on top of your cake which can finish off your look.
This is the reason why even if it’s only a small detail of your whole look, the wedding jewelry isn’t one for you to neglect. It’s not about wearing the most expensive diamonds or the biggest ones. It’s simply about finding the perfect match to complement the look you’re going for—whether it’s for your wedding ring or men’s wedding bands.

If you need a little guidance on how to have just the right amount of sparkle, here’s a rundown of the do’s and don’ts of wedding jewelry:

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Wedding Jewellery

Photo by Meghan Hess – full wedding here

Do: Mix Borrowed Jewelry With New Ones

If you come from a traditional family, then your mother or grandmother may lend you a few jewelry pieces as your something borrowed, usually in the form of diamond studs. If this is the case, prioritize using those sentimental jewelry pieces lent to you. It’s up to you to mix and match those old jewelry pieces with brand new ones if you’ve bought some as well.
There’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching. In fact, going that route may even make you look better, from head-to-toe. There’s nothing more special than wearing sentimental heirlooms for your big day.

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Do: Work Around Your Wedding Dress

The perfect canvas for your jewelry choices is your wedding dress. After all, it’s the biggest and most major part of your look. So, it’s just fitting for you to consider your wedding gown style and fabric, too. Any jewelry you choose should complement your dress, not go against it.
Hence, no matter how in love you may be with a jewelry piece or set, if it doesn’t match your wedding gown, don’t go for it. The mismatch is going to be apparent. And remember, lots of photos are going to be taken, so there’s no way you can hide that fashion faux pas you’re making.

photo by Chaloem Ton Loysamut – full wedding here 

Don’t: Wait Until The Last Minute

Once you get busy with all the other preparation aspects of your wedding planning and preparation, it’s easy to forget about choosing your jewelry. You may be like all the other brides who also made the mistake of choosing their jewelry at the very last minute.
Don’t let this apply to you. If you let your jewelry become an afterthought, you may be stuck with choices that don’t even match your gown. This is especially true if you’ve never tried on the jewelry together with your gown.
A rule of thumb to follow is to choose your jewelry at least a month before your wedding day date. That way, you’ll have enough time to choose and try out your options.

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Don’t: Overdo Your Jewelry

You’re the center of attention as the bride, but this doesn’t mean you should have sparkle from head to toe. There’s such a thing as overdoing your look, and that’ll only make you look messy.
When it comes to your wedding jewelry, the key is to choose only one statement piece. For instance, you’re wearing a strapless wedding gown. You can go big with your necklace, but limit your earrings only to a stud. Otherwise, there’ll be too much going on your neckline. Instead of focusing on your face as the bride, the attention is on your neck—for all the wrong reasons.

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Don’t: Be Afraid To Change Your Look

You don’t have to maintain the same look from the ceremony to the reception. In fact, if you’re having a hard time deciding between different jewelry sets and pieces, why not have different looks? Don’t be afraid to change in between the ceremony and the reception.
More so, when you change, you’re giving your guests something new to look at. You can have a more formal look at your ceremony. Then, at your wedding reception, you can be more relaxed. Your chosen jewelry should also match the look you’re going after.

photo by Amber Marie Photography – full wedding here



Even if you’re not the type to wear jewelry daily, your wedding day should be an exception. After all, this is the biggest day of your life. You wouldn’t want to look like a Plain Jane when you could’ve had the right accessories to match. As you get yourself busy with all other facets of your bridal looks, don’t miss out on choosing the right jewelry, too. Remember the do’s and don’ts above, and you’re sure to find the best ones to top off your look for the biggest day of your life.





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