10 Essential Tips for Printing Wedding Photos (+ a 50% Discount Code on Wall Art!)

Just as there’s an art to wedding photography, there’s an art to creating the perfect wedding photo album or wall decor display. After the big day you’ll have hundreds of photos that need to be sorted and organized, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

Should you print every photo you have? Or should you display just a few professional studio portraits and leave those other 400 shots on your computer storage? Together with custom printing specialists My-Picture.co.uk, we’ve prepared some tips that will help you navigate your wedding photo archives and select the pictures that just demand to be printed!

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10 Essential Tips for Printing Wedding Photos (+ a 50% Discount Code on Wall Art!) 10 Essential Tips for Printing Wedding Photos (+ a 50% Discount Code on Wall Art!)

1. Pick Evocative Photos

A wedding is all about the emotions. So you want to reflect that in the pages of your wedding album or photo book.

As well as the official “big hits” of the wedding, you should also include some photos that capture those sweet little moments that can easily be missed: a reflection of a dancing couple, a face of a laughing child, elderly guests holding hands… These are the kinds of photos that can bring a tear to the eye even years after the wedding day!

2. Let Every Photo Speak for Itself

Wedding photo collages have been trending for years, and your wedding album will probably feature a couple of them too. But including too many collages can mean the individual photos start to meld together into one single mass. Better to keep collages to the minimum and give every photo a chance to breathe in its own separate part of the page.

10 Essential Tips for Printing Wedding Photos (+ a 50% Discount Code on Wall Art!)

3. Think Chronologically but Leave Room for Spontaneity

In general, wedding photographs should be arranged in chronological order, but it’s fine to include some exceptions to this rule. If you really want to put that photo of the bride throwing the bouquet first in your wedding album, go for it – the most important thing is that the opening image is one that’s beautiful and meaningful to you.

4. Add More Photos That Tell Your Love Story

Why not approach your wedding album as a celebration of your whole relationship, rather than just one special day? You can draw inspiration from social media – for example, check out TIK TOK brides of 2021-2022 (one, two, three) where they include their engagement photos (or any other romantic pictures) as a part of their wedding decoration scheme. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t include your favourite shots from before the wedding in your photo album.

10 Essential Tips for Printing Wedding Photos (+ a 50% Discount Code on Wall Art!)

5. Create a Story from Your Photos

The photo layout is as important as the sequence. Like any book or magazine, the wedding album consists of spreads. Think about each spread (i.e. two pages alongside each other) as a whole and select photos that are related to each other in content or style. Another important thing to consider is picture orientation – to avoid a chaotic feel, try not to mix portrait and landscape formats in a single spread.

6. Focus on the Most Important Moments

Key moments such as the exchange of the rings, the first kiss, and the first dance are the “must-haves” in any wedding album or photo book. Use these photos as anchor points of the whole collection and construct the rest of your wedding story around them. Once you’ve selected the most important photos, go back to the remaining shots and see what else you want to include in the album.

10 Essential Tips for Printing Wedding Photos (+ a 50% Discount Code on Wall Art!)

7. Hang Wedding Pictures on the Walls

Designing a proper wedding album is a must for every couple, but even the most beautifully made albums tend to spend most of their lives hidden away in a drawer. So if you want to celebrate your special day every day, think about turning your best wedding pictures into wall art. And if you’re not sure which photos to hang on the walls, it’s fine to play it safe here – as a rule, the photos used as anchor points in your wedding photo album make great wall art too.

8. Choose a Print Format that Suits the Character of Your Photos

These days there’s definitely more than one way to print a picture – for example, My-Picture.co.uk has no fewer than 10 options for custom wall art. You can choose classic-looking framed photos, arty canvas prints, ultramodern metal prints or even a collection of lightweight photo tiles – whatever suits your tastes and needs best.

But not every print substrate will suit every photo. To make the most impact with your wedding prints, consider the composition and the mood of your photos – some work better with a traditional aesthetic, while others will benefit from a bolder, more contemporary look.

10 Essential Tips for Printing Wedding Photos (+ a 50% Discount Code on Wall Art!)

9. Don’t Limit Yourself to the Walls

A wedding is one of life’s most special moments, so it’s tempting to display as many wedding photos as possible in your home. But covering every wall in the house with prints might not be the best idea, especially if you’re renting.

Why not take another approach and have your photos printed on custom home textiles? A personalised blanket or photo cushion with a vibrant full-area print from your wedding will bring back those special memories every time you cuddle up on the sofa!

10. Consider Photo Gifts for Your Wedding Guests

Your guests will want to enjoy your wedding photos too – so why not use them to create unique personalised thank-you gifts? Choose the photos first, then think about what kind of photo gift will suit each of your guests.

We suggest sending personalised thank-you postcards to everyone, and including something extra for your closest friends and family members – for example, a custom photo mug printed with a touching moment from your wedding.

10 Essential Tips for Printing Wedding Photos (+ a 50% Discount Code on Wall Art!)


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