Bridal Style: Top 7 Wedding Makeup Trends of 2021

Today we are looking at Wedding makeup. Trends come and go in weddings and that isn’t just the decor and the dress. Wedding makeup trends can also change, sometimes the make up you choose can define your overall look. Although the pursuit of natural beauty is hardly a new phenomenon, last year there was a large-scale leap towards the light, sophisticated makeup, especially in the bridal sector. The time of matte lips, clear eyebrows, and “heavy” contouring is long gone as modern brides choose makeup that emphasizes rather than hides their natural beauty. Today I have enlisted the expert advice form our beauty expert. Here are the top seven wedding makeup trends of the current year.

Top 7 Wedding Makeup Trends of 2021

Bridal Style: Top 7 Wedding Makeup Trends of 2021

photo by Fire and ice

Skin glow

In 2021, it is the appearance of the client’s skin that makeup artists should pay special attention to. Set aside heavy foundations and opt for lighter textures, and don’t forget to apply a foundation with a glowing effect to provide skin with the glowing effect. Remember that thorough skincare is the key to perfect bridal makeup.

Natural eyebrows

Well-defined eyebrows have long been out of favour, so opt for natural shapes and only slightly tweak them for a perfect result. To make your eyebrows more intense in colour, use cosmetic products up to one shade darker than your hair and blend them well. The natural colouring of eyebrows has not been cancelled either.

Bridal Style: Top 7 Wedding Makeup Trends of 2021

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Playing with the colour

If earlier, a coloured liner or mono shadows were considered taboo for wedding makeup, in 2021, brides are ready to experiment and play with colour. Eye makeup in coral red, pale blue or pink-gold shades looks quite harmonious and, at the same time, allows you to add variety to the look. Makeup artists recommend combining colourful Makeup Revolution eyeshadows with “naked” makeup on the face and lips. The main thing is that the wedding makeup look should be sophisticated and tasteful.

Glossy lips

Since the bride’s wedding look should be light, delicate and airy, use appropriate lip makeup products. Discard dense matte lipsticks, which in a couple of hours transform to an unattractive crust. Glossy liquid lipsticks and lip glosses have finally pushed them off the pedestal, so grab a couple of these.

Bridal Style: Top 7 Wedding Makeup Trends of 2021

photo by  Wed Pashalis

Delicate blush

The “heavy” contouring was replaced by a gentle blush on the apples of the cheeks, which instantly refreshes any look. Brides cannot do without a finishing touch of blush because this beauty product allows achieving an innocent, truly girlish look. If using a highlighter is not in your plans, apply blush with small shiny particles that will play in the sun.

Gold and bronze on the eyelids

If you are tired of delicate pastel shades, feel free to use a golden-bronze colour scheme. Calm metallic tones will neatly accentuate any eye colour and complete the makeup without being striking. Golden, brown, and bronze shades are especially relevant in the summer with tanned skin.

Decorative elements

Another technique that allows brides to shine at their wedding is the use of various decorative elements, from glitter and stones to pearls and large beads. In this case, it is important not to overdo it and maintain a balance so that the makeup still looks delicate and neat, but at the same time effective and creative.

Bridal Style: Top 7 Wedding Makeup Trends of 2021

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