Ask the Experts: Can an Engagement Ring be Resized?

Getting engaged is such an exciting time, sometimes the person getting engaged is involved in choosing the ring, making the ring deign a joint decision. Sometimes the proposal is a totally surprise and the ring has already been chosen. As wonderful as a surprise proposal is it can sometimes be hard to be sure that you are buying the right size ring for your future partner’s finger – and getting it wrong may not always be easy to fix! Some rings can easily be resized, but others are designed to remain exactly as made. Let us take a look at the options available for you.

Can an Engagement Ring be Resized? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ask the Experts: Can an Engagement Ring be Resized?

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Depends on the Difference

If the ring is very much larger or very much smaller than it needs to be – for example, by two or more sizes – then the adjustment is more likely to leave your ring looking odd or out of balance. This is because the ring is designed in a circle, and dramatically changing this curve will have an effect on the mounted diamond or diamonds. Usually, if the change that needs to be made is less than two sizes, any competent jeweler should be able to loosen or tighten it as desired without it being too noticeable.

Ask the Experts: Can an Engagement Ring be Resized?

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Depends on the Design

The ‘best’ rings for resizing are those with very simple designs, a plain metal band with a smallish setting into which the stone is mounted. The more complex the band – pave stones, very broad shoulders tapering around much of the ring, or a channel setting running all the way around the band – the more difficult it will be to resize the ring and leave it looking like new.

Ask the Experts: Can an Engagement Ring be Resized?


Depends on the Metal

Soft metals like gold (yellow and white, but not rose), silver and platinum can be worked and reworked with relative ease, while harder metals like tungsten tend not to be resizable. Rose gold has a tendency to crack if interfered with, and many jewelers will refuse to rework a titanium piece because of the sheer difficulty of working the metal.

Ask the Experts: Can an Engagement Ring be Resized?

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Temporary Solutions

While you are waiting to find out if the ring can be resized, or if you have to wait for funds to afford the resizing, there are some temporary solutions you can try. Resizing tricky metals or designs can be quite costly, and need you to save up for a month or two – but simple bands with a straight-forward relatively small size adjustment can cost as little as twenty pounds and take about a week. Temporary solutions include fixing a ring guard, which clips across the band and tightens the fit. These should not be used for too long as they can damage the band in time. Rings that are too small will have to be worn on a smaller finger or placed on a neck chain until the jeweler can attend to them.

Ask the Experts: Can an Engagement Ring be Resized?

Photo by Leah Kelley


So, to return to the question asked by the title, can engagement rings be resized? The answer is yes! But then again no. Because it all depends on the above! If in doubt, choose a ring that can be adjusted without harm, or bring your new fiancée in to help choose the ring – that way the ring will fit as though it has been made for them. As indeed it will have been!



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