Grooms Style: Unique Items to Personalize Your Wedding Outfit

When you think about wedding fashion, thoughts may automatically go to the brides dress, however these days what the groom or grooms wear is as important as the brides’ choice in outfit. Gone are the days when the morning suit is the only option (thank goodness). These days there is so much more choice from super formal to super relaxed. The type of wedding you’re holding will give a lot of bearing on what the grooms choose, from rolled up sleeves and braces to tweed suit with matching waistcoat. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration then today I have 7 ideas to add a bit of personality into your outfit. Covering all kinds of accessories starting from the top, working ourselves down to the shoes.

7 Unique Items to Personalize Your Wedding Outfit

photo by Damien Vickers Photography. full wedding here

Flat Cap

So, let’s begin with some lovely headwear. Have you ever consider wearing a flat cap for a wedding? If not, then it’s a perfect accessory for a wedding, inspired by Netflix’s hit Peaky Blinders. Wearing a flat cap makes your style a little bit rebellious. To be sure you are choosing the right look, combine your flat cap with thicker woven materials. A flat cap is perfect for countryside weddings.

Photo by Elisa d’Inca full shoot here 

Wedding Waistcoats

Now let’s look at the center of your body. Waistcoats come in many shapes and colors and, most importantly, in different materials. Choose a thicker woven fabric for a more casual style. If you opt for a stylish, classic look, like something from Generation Tux, then go for a waistcoat with a fine weave, and to take it to the next level, you can optionally choose a slightly shiny fabric.

Photos by  Emily and Steve Photographers full wedding here

Customised Phone Case

This one is not a necessity but would make a great accessory for the groom’s and his groomsmen’s outfits. Custom-made phone cases with personalized designs add detail to their getup and make perfect groomsmen gifts for the groom’s entourage!


Another great option to personalize your outfit is to use braces. When not wearing a waistcoat wearing matching suspenders with your groomsmen is a great way to complete the appearance. Most suspenders are reasonably priced and easy to incorporate in any wedding. Choose the color that would complement your suit or just one to pop out in the crowd.

Photo by Lawless Rose Photography full wedding here

Tie and Pocket Square 

A tie and a pocket square are the items that can turn a standard suit into a stylish piece of clothing. At weddings, pastel-colored ties and pocket squares are always good. If you have a specific color theme, you can finish any look with a matching colored tie and pocket square. As a groom, you can also try to match your pocket square with your waistcoat and tie; this will look stylish and clean. Or, pick a color from the bride’s bouquet and see if you can incorporate this in your tie or pocket square.

Photo by Ashley Tiedgen Photography full wedding here 

Dress Shirt, fit for the groom

Although an off-white shirt is most favourable amongst classic-oriented groomsmen, we see an increase in sales of colourful and printed shirts. Which one to pick is entirely up to the weddings’ style. As previously said, when going for a classic look, an off-white shirt is the best option since this shade complements the white of the wedding dress.
When going for a more casual wedding, floral prints or shirts in any specific color might fit better. Or, when throwing a beach wedding, some ecru or light blue linen shirts are great.

Photo by Brady Lewis Photography  full shoot here

Watches that tell a story

You can tell a lot about a man by the watch he wears. There is so much choice with different types of watches on the market, you really will be spoilt for choice. From super rare watches that cost thousands, limited editions with super long waiting list to more accessible watches that cost as little as £50. What ever your style or budget you need to shop around to find the perfect watch for your wedding day.

Suitable Belt and Shoes

We always recommend matching your shoes with your belt, especially when wearing a suit. This can be tricky sometimes, especially when choosing printed shoes. Luckily some brands make shoes and belts from the same material and colours, making your life a little bit easier. If you cannot find matching belts, it might be better to go for some nice braces.

photo by Rosy and Shaun Wedding photography full wedding here

Flashy Socks

Socks are hot! Don’t choose boring socks for a wedding day. Flashy socks can make your outfit complete, and besides that, socks should be comfortable. Socks can also add some color and accents to your appearance. If you are a sneaker guy and you are wearing a casual wedding outfit, then it’s even more fun to show off your socks. A famous brand is Happy Socks, and it can give your outfit that personal touch. If you have a colorful suit or a suit with a print, it can be challenging to choose socks. Our advice would be to follow the colors of your suit.

Photo by Mark Crayden Photography full wedding here





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