Ask The Experts: 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

What you wear to a wedding can be one of the most important aspects for some people. Choosing the brides outfit, the bridesmaids, the suits all have a big part to play in the whole feel of the day. BUT what about the guests? As a guest you will also want to look good but there are a few things to consider when looking for your dream wedding guest outfit. Today I have enlisted the help of wedding expert James to talk to us about top tips for choosing the perfect wedding guest outfit. I hope you find his advice useful.

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

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When you get invited to a wedding, it means that you are someone special to the couple. Your presence during the couple’s union is important to them. As such, you need to make sure that you go to the celebration with the couple in mind. Besides choosing the best gift to give them, you also have to make sure that your outfit is appropriate for the celebration. Here are some tips on how you can pull off that perfect wedding guest look:

Check the Invitation

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One of the first things that you should look for before you commit to buying any new wedding guest dresses for the wedding is the invitation. Verify if the couple indicated specific instructions on what their guests can wear. Is it a black or white tie? Are there any colors that the couple prohibits? Will the reception be a cocktail party? If the invitation does not indicate a dress code, you can never go wrong with a printed dress or a neutral suit because they will surely work well for both day and night events. You can opt to accessorize as well if you are unsure since you can easily swap them, depending on the time and venue of the wedding and the reception.

Identify the Venue

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Another clue about what you can and should not wear for a wedding is the venue. If, for example, the ceremony will be held on a beach, then wearing stilettos or leather shoes may not be advisable. You may do well with flat shoes that allow you to walk on the sandy beach. Your dress should also be something breezy and perfect for the beach wedding. If the venue is on a cruise ship, you should also opt for a look that would allow you to enjoy the views. A hat or sunglasses that block the glare may be a good idea.

Bring Spare Clothing

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It doesn’t hurt to bring spare attire, just in case. This tip is particularly helpful if you are going to attend a destination wedding where you may not have any other option if you end up forgetting to check the invitation. You don’t want to end up being the only one in a floor-length gown while everyone else is wearing a cocktail dress. Bring extra shoes and pack make up for touch-ups as well. One key piece of clothing to bring is a cardigan or blazer as it can comfortably dress up or down your outfit as necessary. They are also great if the family prefers to have conservative clothing at their wedding. Check out modest clothing collections from daintyjewells.com and you can never go wrong.

Go for Something Same but Different

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As a wedding guest, your job is to share in the celebration of the couple. As much as possible, your outfit should not stand out and overwhelm the bride or the bridesmaids. To pull this off, you should opt for something similar to the motif but different enough to distinguish you from the rest of the entourage.

Never Wear White

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We can never stress this enough. At weddings, you should always expect the bride to wear something white. It can be offensive for some brides. Ideally, the only one wearing white during a wedding is the bride herself. You wouldn’t want to upstage the bride during her special day. When you wear white, you may come off as someone who wants to take the limelight away from the bride.


As a wedding guest, it is your responsibility to share the joy of the couple. Being sensitive to their preferences will help you strengthen your bond with them.





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