Lucas and Jordan’s Nature Inspired Backyard Georgia Wedding by Aline Marin Photography

Happy Bank Holiday everyone! For those of you in the UK, I hope you are enjoying a happy VE Day. What a day for it! The sun is shining and the birds are singing. I am about to go and make some scones for our cream tea this afternoon, as well as having a BBQ in this glorious weather. A day in the garden I think for me, Nik and Dexter, with a bottle of Prosecco. Things could be worse I guess! So on with today’s wedding. Jordan and Lucas were married on 13th October at Ambler Road in Athens, Georgia. It was a beautiful backyard wedding, filled with amazing blooms, rustic detailing and reflected their love of nature. The day was captured in all it’s glory by regular to the blog Aline Marin Photography.

Design and Inspiration 
When looking for what inspired our big day we wanted it to be as “us” as it could be as well as something we could look back on and feel like it withstood the test of time. Nature was a big aspect of our wedding because we used a lot of florals and a lot of wood within our decor.

Finding the ring:
The story of my wedding ring is pretty cool. When Luke and I would look around for fun at jewelry stores or online stores I was never able to find anything that I really loved and that stood out to me. I went on Etsy and looked around and I found that antique rings suited my style much more. The ring that Luke picked out for me is from the 1930s and the diamond is hand cut. I feel really grateful that I got to have a ring that had history behind it.

The dress
I went into the whole “looking for a dress” thing very nervous because I tend to jump the gun with decisions because I have my mind set of “I have to get it that day!” So I had to have a different mindset when going into dress shopping. We went to two places and the second place was where we found my dress. It’s a two piece dress which I don’t find to be very common and I really enjoyed that. The woman who helped me put my “look” together had the idea of wearing the body suit with a different skirt for each anniversary and I loved that idea. I’m a hair stylist so my hair was an important aspect of my wedding day vibe. I actually had two different trials with one of my close friends and she was amazing and knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted everything to be very flown and relaxed, not super uptight or classic.

Advice for other couples
Our wedding day was a whirlwind of emotions! I gave myself the motto of “be present” before the day began because I do have a habit of getting ahead of myself. So I tried to take in every moment so I would remember every last detail of the day. I wished my future self could have told my wedding day self that everything would end up working out so that I could relax a little more. But it was the most beautiful, laid back vibe. Exactly what we wanted.

Special Moment
Jordan: The first look was my most favourite part of the day. I really felt that when the first look happened everything relaxed in me and I came to the realization that I was actually marrying my best friend. Typically there’s that moment when the bride walks down the aisle and the groom is overcome with emotion and I feel like that would have put a lot of pressure on me if I knew that everyone was looking at me for a reaction. I’m happy at the first look I was able to privately take it all in with Jordan.
Luke: My favourite part of the day was the ceremony because of how pretty it was and how happy everyone was for us.


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    Dunnita Moody

    What a fabulously atmospheric wedding. Love the story behind the wedding ring, you can’t beat the personality of something with a little history behind it.


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