Saturday Cinema: Kevin and Andy’s Music Loving Wedding with a Twist By Music Wedding Videos

Hello you lovely lot and welcome to the weekend! I hope the weather is good where you are and you are enjoying your Saturday? personally I am working for most fo it. I am off to Cornwall in 10 days to visit my mum for the week so I need to make sure I get ahead of my work and have everything finished before I  go away, so this weekend, while Nik works away in the garden I plan to get a lot of work done.

Enough of that though it’s time for todays Saturday Cinema. Todays featured presentation was sent into me by Kev at Music Wedding Videos and it’s something a bit different for you as the wedding party as well as the two grooms all feature in their own music video!…………you have to watch it, its soooooo funny!  The lovely couple are Kevin and Andy who were married on 24th June at St John’s Hotel, Solihull and I have to say they certainly have a sence of humour.

Kev and Andy’s Music Wedding Video – Time of my Life (Dirty Bit) from Music Wedding Videos on Vimeo.


I asked Kev what his favourite part of the wedding  was ‘There were a few funny moments such as when the audio system was hijacked with a personal recorded message from Keith Harris and Orville immediately after the guys were hitched, which took them by surprise. And later on during the meal a cleaning lady came into the room and started causing a bit of a stir, finding some ladies’ knickers under the table and accusing people of getting up to no good. Everyone was amused (not to say relieved) when she started singing and it became clear she was an opera singer putting on an act courtesy of Kev and Andy. On a different note, I’ve seen a lot of speeches but these were particularly touching.

Why do you think a couple should hire a film maker for their wedding  ‘I think wedding films are the perfect complement to photography – they both immortalise the best day of your life but in subtly different ways. While photographs freeze fleeting moments perfectly, videos give you a better feel for the atmosphere, vibe and happenings and really let you see how people actually are as you see people’s movements and interactions along with the music. In this internet age, wedding videos really do let distant relatives and others who maybe couldn’t make it, feel as though they were there – not to mention the bride and groom can often experience moments that they weren’t even aware happened. Gone are the days when it’s enough just to leave a camera on a tripod during the ceremony, edit in some shaky handheld footage and give the couple a boring 2-hour long video with a few songs added in – people expect more, and there are plenty of videographers out there providing unique styles of wedding film.’

What do you think make a good wedding video ‘I believe the best wedding videos are those that are fun to make and even more fun to watch. While it’s obviously desirable to have absolutely stunning footage, that shouldn’t be at the expense of taking up hours of people’s time setting up shots and recording take after take – wedding videographers need to be set up to grab key moments as they happen, particularly as people are already spending time with the photographer. The best wedding filmmakers can achieve stunning footage on-the-move while remaining relatively unobtrusive.’ 

‘Our approach is, we capture as much as possible in a natural, documentary style and mix that in with key shots that are ‘set up’ only to an extent, with the couple and their guests improvising and being themselves.  People are there to have a good time and we do what we can to help them!’


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