Cora and Grant’s Sun Drenched Whimsical California Forest Wedding by Fig + Willow Studios

Today I am taking you away form the cold, wet November weather and whisking you off to very sunny California for this super sunny Wedding. Cora and Grant were married on 13th July 2019 at Yokayo Ranch in Ukiah, California and they had THE best day! You can just tell by these photos that they had a super fun day filled with love and so much energy and good vibes. They opted out of a lot of the normal traditions and took on a more Bohemian outlook to their day, filling it with the most gorgeous decorations, flowers and of course lots of amazing entertainment, including these two wonderful fire eaters. Fig + Willow Studios was there to capture the day in all its sun shining glory!


Alycia the Photographer tells us more about the day

Cora and Grant had the most magical forest wedding, pretty much ever. Filled to the brim with intricate details, whimsical decor, and boho vibes for DAYS. Nestled away in the Mendocino Forest, Yokayo Ranch in Ukiah, California is an absolute hidden gem.
From solar panels on the roofs of the buildings, to its multiple cabanas on site it’s a perfect way for your guests to glamp. Upscale hotels near venues are overrated, ammirite!? Wayward Glamping provided some awesome tents so guests could spend entirety of the week leading up to the wedding onsite. Vacation AND a wedding in one? Sign me uppp.
They had their closest 175 friends and family in attendance of their big day and it was everything they had dreamt of. They opted for a first look before the ceremony to provide pause in preparation the hectic day ahead. Grant relished in the gorgeousness that was Cora, and she admired him for his existential adoration of life.

I saw that kind of deep love in Cora and Grant and am so happy they found each other. Wishing these two nothing but the best of lives together and may they always lean on each other in the brightest and also the darkest of days. Keep dancing into every stage of life, you beautiful free spirits.

How they met
They originally met on Tinder and it was history from there. Almost immediately, Grant told his friends he found someone special. And I mean look at her, so obviously. Smart man.

The ceremony 
Their ceremony was far from traditional – which is exactly what they wanted. No wedding party. Just these two lovebirds. They danced down the aisle to one another with golden sunlight washing over them. Both of them were absolutely glowing completely in their element and over the moon with happiness and joy. What better way to transition to your next stage of life than dancing into it? Perfection.

Cora wore a beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL dress designed by Calle Blanche. She admitted she was obsessed with her bedazzler so bedazzled her shoes and picked the sparkliest dress she could find. Every piece is rich with sparkles and intricate detail. When you look closely it seems to glow like a mermaids tail.

The florals you see were actually designed by Cora’s mother. For someone with no background in floral design I think she did an incredible job. Rich contrasts of colors, an abundance of the rarely used allium flower, and softer sunflowers.

Cool, now that all the romantic cheesy stuff from the day here we go. If you haven’t gathered from the post yet and don’t have the pleasure of knowing C + G – they love music and love to dance. Remember how they danced at the alter together? Their mission for the reception part of the wedding was that everyone just have a really good time. And man, did they. Cora told me it was going to be a very interesting mix of people. That’s what weddings are though it’s bringing people from all your walks of life together and hoping they aren’t completely weirded out by the wide variety of friends you have. Or maybe that’s just me wondering how my family will react to some of my friends I’m inviting to my own wedding.
Next, they had the super talented Lucid Dream Flow who spun fire for everyone. Not only was it gorgeous, artistic, anxiety inducing (couldn’t help but thinking I was gonna accidentally capture someone bursting into flames, haha) But of course, they were super professional and put on an amazing show. And no one burst into flames. However, they DID eat some.
And lastly, at 11:30PM Cora had not run out of surprises yet. She had one more up her sleeve. Cora and Grant have seen a lot of musicians live. But not Vijay & Sofia Latko. Cora secretly messaged them and flew them out all the way from Belgium to surprise Grant. Needless to say, he was absolutely surprised. THAT FACE.



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