Boho’s Christmas Works night out, who wants to come?

boho party

Hello to you all! I have a rather scary announcement for you today, (scary for me not for you I hope!) I have been thinking about having a bit of a party for a while now, well everyone else seems to be doing it, so if you can’t beat them join them!

My thoughts are that as a self employed person I never get to go to any Christmas Party’s as they all seem work related/office shing digs……..so I thought I would rectify this and put one on myself!
I have put the feelers out and asked a few of my supplier friends  for their thoughts and everyone seems to be keen, so I thought I would ask you lot what you thought.

Now I’m not planning anything fancy, Others have done that already and done it very well, It won’t be a big fancy Soiree, it won’t be a networking event, or a tweet up………..what I want to do is get a few of us together who tweet, facebook, and email each other on a regular basis for a good old fashioned Christmas knees up, the main focus being on having a few drinks (I plan to get very drunk) get to know each other a but better and let our hair down…………just like an office party, but with no photocopying of bottoms or snogging the boss in the stationery cupboard!

Now to be honest that is far as my thoughts have gone, what I want to know from you lot is who would be interested in coming? I need to get an idea on numbers so I can look at venues and being Christmas I need to find somewhere pretty quickly before they all get booked up.

boho party

Location: Sheffield city centre close to public transport so we can all have a drink 

Date: Mid week beginning of December

Idea: Keep it simple………unless you have any other ideas??

Who: I’m thinking just wedding industry people, not sure it’s a good idea that our brides get to see us in a state of drunken stupor? thoughts on this are welcome

So please let me know your thoughts, would you be interested in coming? what sort of party would you like? after all it’s your works night out as much as mine!!

Please leave me a message in the comment box or email me at [email protected]

Thank you and Boho Love
Kelly xx

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    ha ha Kat, that was about the only idea I did have…..thought a scret santa would be a fab idea…..silly hats and a whole load of christmas kitch! nothing fancy, you know me!

    Lee Mitchell

    That sounds like a great idea Kelly!

    Christmas parties are about the only thing I miss about working in an office, and something like this would be a perfect solution. As for what kind of party, I don’t really mind, a party’s a party to me. You never know, I might actually get to speak to you properly this time!


    So you know I hate the networking thing right?

    I’m only coming if I can get shedded with some dudes, photocopy my ass and drink vile cocktails made by some other dudes and then collapse in a corner where some evil photographer will take photos of me dribbling. Then hopefully a videographer will film me dancin and telling you all how much I f@$*king love you all before disgracing myself by vomiting in the toilet.

    I do believe all of the above is the law at an office party. Plus my last office party was me and my mate hels at my local pub where we drank two pints in an afternoon and walked home. Rock on!

    I need a proper party. Can’t remember the last Christmas do I went to.

    However, if it’s any kind of fluffy nonsense, I’m not coming. I only want to come to a proper party with proper people who have personality like… A party should be a place where we feel we can swear at each other after ten pints of stella and go home with a kebab and tales to tell. No boring people allowed!

    Love ya! x


    Sounds awesome… If you’d have us?! I’m currently on maternity leave until after Xmas so no works do for me either! Both Fran and I went to uni in Sheffield so would be great to go back to our old stomping ground.. Minus the combat pants and Birkenstocks obvs! :) xxx

    Lisa @ Jon Keith Diamonds

    Im going to be HUGELY preggers, but would LOVE to come and watch you all get smashed!! im deffo up for the kebab on the way home ;o)

    You need someone to tell you all what you got upto the next day!!

    put me and MrJKD on the list if you will have us ;o) xxx


    right I may bit a little more nervous now!!! glad you are all interested! looks like the whole Christmas idea is a popular one, thinking full on christmas kitch is the way forward!


    Oh yeah and can we have one of those annoying dancing santas? I fu@$ing love them! Although Lee Allen dressed up will probably do?….

    And pie… deffo a christmas pie… with gravy as well though, we’re up north after all!

    And you’ve all got to drink out of pint glasses – none of those cocktail glasses you sissies! We’re northern and we’re proud!

    And we have to have a badge made afterwards that says we had a Boho Xmas and survived.

    I thank you…!


    Shelly I am so pleased you have realsied the emphasis of the party is alchol!………..guess I should start looking for a venue!!!


    Crack on girl. Somewhere proper mind. None of that fancy stuff. We don’t want the Rock n Roll Bride thinking we’ve gone soft now…


    I’d be up for this, depending on dates! Though have to warn you the last Christmas party I went to I got so drunk that I crossed a busy dual carriageway in the dark to get to a burger van, then didn’t recognise my own husband! X


    fantastic Naomi, well I can’t promise you won’t be in a worse state this time!

    and Lee………yes you are santa!! you have the job, the barbers can be your elves!


    Starters for ten

    Devonshire Cat

    That bar in Leopold square – quiet nice

    Wig and Pen

    Reflex – we could all go 80’s lol

    Vodka revolution


    I find myself in your same situation been a self employer isn’t fun at Christmas! I really wanted to come but we live too far away booooo :(


    I spent a night in a Sheffield nightclub when I was 18, no idea where but they were serving roast dinners in take away trays from a window downstairs in the nighclub, it was pretty weird! x

    Kirsten Mavric

    Since Leon’s parents live in Sheffield and we’ll no doubt be driving up there closer to Christmas Day, I’m not sure whether we can manage two trips up there in December :( I will try though.


    Would love to……definitely no cameras though…my mulled wine face itsn’t that photogenic!


    Wow…..well thank you everyone what a fab responce! I’ve started teh search for a venue so will hopefully have that sorted in the next couple of weeks. More details to follow. xxx

    Colette & Kelly

    Whoop!! just seen this we’re in!! bonus means now we dont have to have our own little party just me kelly and gill sat in Mcd’s lol
    can I do my traditional pull my thumb off magic trick, get very drunk and throw up please seeing as though its a christmas party ha ha!

    Pete Smyth

    This looks the dogs bollocks! I love Sheffield and everyone going. Great idea Kelly! I’d be all over this like a tramp on chips! (I am a tramp anyway) but Emma ‘the nut’ Case has bagged herself an acting job in December, a really cool children’s play which is on afternoons and evenings. So this sadly rules us out of the best sounding Christmas do ever. :-(

    Hopefully do this again soon! Lots of love

    Petey Pete xx

    Nikki @KnotsandKisses

    This sounds like so much fun .. I’m in if I haven’t got a last minute order on! :)


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