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Welcome to your Bank Holiday weekend folks! I hope you have some fun things planned, I am hoping to get out in to the Peaks for some climbing and walking if the weather is good – fingers crossed. Today I have the pleasure of bringing you our weekly collection of Boho Pins; our favourite Pinterest finds. This week we have guestbook ideas which range from madlibs to a Jenga game! There’s no limit really what your guests can sign, and there’s a strong trend towards options which get used/viewed frequently, no more hiding the messages in a book getting dusty! You should be able to see the lovely messages often and be reminded of your day whenever you see them.

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Image Source via Jacqui McSweeney Photography – Getting your guests to sign postcards is a fab idea, there is just enough room to write the perfect message, and it makes for a fabulous display


Image Source via Neil Jackson Photographic – I love the idea of signing any kind of large object. Globe, surf board, bench etc. So signing a guitar that you can then hang up in a room somwhere is a lovely idea.


Image Source via Mary Wyar Photography – This is a lovely idea and a great way of incorporating your chosen colour scheme into your decor. Modern looking and you get lots of lovely messages to keep at the end of it.


Image Source via Daron Jackson Photography  –  The idea of signing a quilt is so super cute. Being wrapped up in the quilt with all the wonderful messages of love wrapped around you is gorgeous.


Image Source – Creating your own jigsaw is a fab idea, you can either put all the pieces together and get it framed or leave it open as a little game, maybe bring it out each anniversary.

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Image Source – There’s a big trend of being able to display your guest book at home afterwards, so pick something bold and beautiful for the wall!


Image Source via Vallentyne Photography – I love this rustic take on the guest book display.


Image Source – If you’d still like something on paper, madlibs and question cards can be a fun way of gathering some hilarious and heartfelt messages.


Image Source  via Jill Doty Photography – Similar to a jigsaw puzzle, using a Jenga tower is a fun way to gather messages from your guests that you will see every time you play!


Image Source – This is a sweet idea. The guests have been asked to find a word in the dictionary that describes the bride and groom. This could have very funny answers!


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