Boho Loves : Lisa Johnson Ceremonies

To round off the week we would like to introduce you to the newest member of our Boho team of Experts, Lisa Johnson. Today, Lisa is telling us a little about being a wedding planner and celebrant. Determined to be able to deliver a ceremony as fabulous as the weddings she planned, Lisa became a celebrant herself!

I completely agree that the ceremony can be a little ‘rigid’ and therefore why should you have to skimp on personal touches here when you have worked so hard to work them into the rest of the day? Welcome to the team Lisa, we’re all thrilled to hear your future advice for couple planning their ceremonies. I hope you enjoy her interview, and I’m now dying to know who your three dinner party guests would be?

A wedding planner creating completely unique stylish wedding days in London and beyond.

Boho Loves : Lisa Johnson Ceremonies

About Lisa

I have had a wedding planning business for several years and loved that every part of the wedding could be really personalised and bespoke. The only part that wasn’t was the ceremony where the same words always had to be used by the registrar and there were so many rules about music and readings so I decided to qualify as a celebrant myself so that the ceremonies could be just as personal.

I’ve been writing and performing ceremonies for over a year now. I’m based in Surrey but love to travel! I cover all of Europe – I’ve performed ceremonies in the UK and Europe.

Boho Loves : Lisa Johnson Ceremonies

Boho Loves : Lisa Johnson Ceremonies Boho Loves : Lisa Johnson Ceremonies

What’s your ideal wedding?
A very urban warehouse wedding with tons of style and a couple that really wants to show who they are in their ceremony and vows. Relaxed, fun and laid back. I like a lighthearted ceremony with meaning. I think that as a planner too, I understand the whole wedding day and how the ceremony fits in, what needs to be thought about when it comes to timings and to keeping the whole vibe of the day very personal. I love seeing how every couple is so different and bringing out their personalities in their ceremony and wedding day – it’s brilliant! I think I attract the quirky, fun and stylish couples. I generally tend to work with very fashion-forward couples on their day as a planner and this seems to be the couples that want to work with me as their celebrant too. I like to do things a bit differently.

Can you give me some information on your pricing structure?
I charge £595 for a wedding and there are optional ceremony traditions that can be added on too. If the wedding is more than an hour away, I do charge travel expenses.

Boho Loves : Lisa Johnson Ceremonies Boho Loves : Lisa Johnson Ceremonies Boho Loves : Lisa Johnson Ceremonies Boho Loves : Lisa Johnson Ceremonies

More About Lisa
I have a strange life where I’m either playing with my 4 year old twins at Peppa Pig World or sipping cocktails in Los Angeles or Cannes! I like the variety of life! My biggest achievement is running both businesses simultaneously whilst bring up toddler twin boys! I will never leave my house without my phone. I get told off by my Husband constantly because I’m always working on my phone!

Who would be your 3 dream dinner guests dead or alive?
Mark Zuckerburg – I have so many questions to ask. I’d need more than one dinner.
My Husband’s parents – they died before I got to meet them so it would be a good opportunity!
Bradley Cooper – may as well have something nice to look at too!

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Pay off my mortgage and buy a little place in Cornwall and a little place in Vegas – I know it seems dull to pay off a mortgage so I’ve added Vegas in there for the fun bit!

If you weren’t running your business, what would you be doing?
I’d start another business coaching new planners on starting a business. I still will do that one day. I’m an entrepreneur at heart so am always thinking of new ideas! I used to be an actress and TV Presenter too so I’d possibly still be doing that.


For more information on Lisa go to:

www.lisajohnsonceremonies.co.uk / [email protected] / 07837389415 / FACEBOOK / T: @lisajceremonies / I: @carmelaweddings

lisa johnson ceremonies

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