Ask The Experts: Top Tips for Beach Wedding Ceremonies

We feature so many destination weddings on the blog, it’s so lovely to be able to share so much sunshine with you. Here at Boho we LOVE destination weddings, both Kelly H and I were married abroad so we especially love featuring beach weddings with you. However there are many other aspects to take into consideration when planning a beach wedding. With that in mind we asked Rosie from Rosie the Wedding Planner to share with us her top tips for planning a beach wedding ceremony. A big thank you from both Kelly and I for the advice, I’m sure you will find it useful.

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A lot of couples come to me with the idea of a simple beach wedding but there are lots of things to take into account and beach weddings actually take a lot of forward planning! Here’s 10 tips to get you started:

  • Plan the wedding to be after 6pm at least if you marrying in the summer months. Earlier could end up being way too hot for you and your guests. Also the light will be too harsh for the photos
  • Ensure there is shade available for older people and guests with babies. Parasols are a good idea, also paper fans are great to cool down guests.
  • Don’t expect or request guests or the bridal party to wear suits, keep it cool and casual! Remember to keep things lighter than you would do at home, no one wants a sweaty bridal party. Think linen suits for the men, or just shirts.

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  • Scout out the place before booking at the time of day your ceremony will be or hire a wedding planner that knows the area. You want to make sure that the area will be private or quiet during your ceremony. There is nothing worse than having beach ball volley matches or swimmers in the background as you are saying your vows and getting your photos taken!
  • Use a beach with a beach club, that way you have drinking water and an area to have a drinks reception after the ceremony and toilets (which are important!)
  • Consider access and parking. If you have guests that are elderly, disabled or with young babies in strollers you don’t want to pick somewhere that has a long walk from the car park or that has lots of steps down a cliff edge.
  • Is it legal? The majority of countries (in Europe) do not allow legal weddings on beaches. Symbolic is of course possible but you must attend to the legals at ta town hall or church.
  • Consider your footwear. Heels and sand are not a good match. If you are going bare foot take the time of day into account, sand can get very hot! Think pretty sandles, or wedges, or pretty foot jewellery. Also consider providing flip flops for your guests, or pre worn them that they will be walking on sand.
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  • It’s very hard to find small things if dropped in the sand, so tie your rings securely onto a ring pillow or at least tie a long ribbon onto the rings and only remove the ribbon on the ceremony table immediately before placing securely on your finger forever!
  • Check the times of the tide. When the tide is in, your whole ceremony are could be under water and when it is out you may not have the sea in view at all.



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