Fabulous Photo: Steve Gerrard

Morning all! and how are we all today? I’m currently recovering from the wedding I was working on yesterday for the lovely Steph and David, the day after any wedding it always feels like I’ve done a marathon session at the gym! legs acking, feet hurting, so hopefully not to much strenuous exercise today! In fact I’m going car shopping which I’m incredibly excited about! I’ve had my current car for 7 years now, she had been an angel, but with a 2.3 litre engine she is far from economical, so we are looking for something new, medium size but big enough to put all my wedding crap in, that does more tha 20 to the gallon! we have booked in 5 cars to test drive so I’m hoping that by the end of today I will know what we’re buying!!
Later on this afternoon we are having some friends over as it’s Nik’s Birthday on Thursday, so we are uisng the bank holiday to celebtate (plus I’m working at a wedding next weekend) so Sunday AND monday off…I am very excitted and looking forward to spending some time with Nik, my friends and family!

Todays fabulous photo is by the incredibly talented Montreal photographer Steve Gerrard. Steve is an amazing photographer, I’d love to be able to work with him one day on one of my weddings, in fact I would LOVE to work with him on a Boho photo shoot sometime as well! His Photography is AWSOME!!

Steve Gerrard

The Photo is of  Jemma and Andy which was taken at The Old Rectory Hotel in Shropshire last April. It’s a simple photo but the use of the low evening light is just beautiful! The warm tone that the sun gives off against the vivid green of the bush is just stunning! I’m sure the couple were very happy with the outcome I know I would be!

For more information on Steve’s work go to:

0845 602 7299

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