Diary of a Boho Bride – Molly & Scott, Entry 3: Spend or Save

Good Afternoon to you all and what a wonderful Friday it is. I am currently in Sheffield at a wedding workshop where Paul and I are having our pictures taken. It’s all fun but having 15 other cameras pointed at you when you are used to being behind the camera not in front of it can be pretty scary. I suppose it’s like those pre wedding day nerves you get.

Today we are back with my favourite feature Diary of a Boho Bride and today we welcome back Scott and Molly to the blog. Last time they were on the blog they chatted all about it being 8 months to go and today they are on the blog chatting all about Spending or Saving. This subject is such a tricky one and I love Molly’s outlook on budgeting.

Molly and Scott I’ll pass you over to Molly and Scott….

Money, money, money – The sad reality of wedding planning. The focus of planning a wedding very quickly can become about getting what you want and what you envisioned for the day for the lowest price possible. But in doing this it’s very easy to settle for things just because they are cheaper, not because they are ‘right’.

Boho Bride Spend or Save

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From the word go I have been all about saving money wherever I can by scouring the Internet for bargains and enlisting talented friends. I’ve become obsessed with cutting things out and settling for something that’s just ‘alright’ purely to save cash. The truth is, I think this works to an extent as I firmly believe, for example, that I won’t really mind or even notice on the day that my shoes are second hand.

Boho Bride Spend or Save

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I started looking for a make up artist and very quickly realised that I had not allowed enough room in the budget for this! I considered just doing my make up myself to save money and then it really was time to have a word with myself! I put together my 5 top priorities to have the best day ever and decided to use this when considering whether to save or spend on something, so here they are:

Top 5 priorities for our wedding day

  • To be married! :)
  • To look and feel the best ever!
  • For all our guests and wedding party to have the best day ever!
  • To eat tasty food
    To feel totally relaxed over both days

With this in mind I could then apply my ‘top 5 priorities’ when deciding whether to save or spend

Boho Bride Spend or Save

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So, the make up artist and photographer became something I would ‘spend’ on, whilst the tipi decorations and bridesmaid dresses became something I would ‘save’ on.

Boho Bride Spend or Save

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With priority number 2 in mind, I had to have a re-think as to the three(!) very cheap veils that I have purchased, none of which are right! Some things however, we don’t have to spend on to get what we want. For instance, instead of including desserts within our catering package, we are inviting guests to make their very own ‘show-stopper’ cake to bring to the wedding as part of a ‘wedding bake off’ to be judged by Scott and I. This satisfies priorities 3 and 4!

The venue and photographer definitely falls into the ‘spend’ category but for all the right reasons.

Boho Bride Spend or Save

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The unfortunate truth is that some things do cost more money that you want them to, but when else to spend it that on the most important day of your life!?

Scott often reminds me when I’m in a whirlwind of wedding decision-making that so long as we get married, the day will be a success! And it really doesn’t matter if the boys ties are ever so slightly different to the girls dresses!


Love Molly x


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