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Good Morning!  Monday again. I hate to tell you all (I promise I am not bragging) but I am out of the country again! I am in Cyprus. The reason why I am here is because my beautiful sister gets married tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited.  I have been asked to photograph the wedding and I am so very nervous but honoured to be asked! I hope you are all well today and raring to go on this lovely Monday.

Today I am pleased to bring you a flower related DIY. I love fresh flowers and it seems like all our Boho readers do too! If you are looking at creating a DIY wedding but don’t want to use jam jars then this table arrangement is perfect for you. Thank you to Waterbaby flowers for providing us with all the information for today’s DIY post

Seasonal Spring Flowers DIY Seasonal Spring Flowers 011

Waterbaby Flowers tell us more on how to make the spring flowers vase

This is a simple vase arrangement with a wonderfully light, pretty result that would be a fabulous addition to any dinner party table or mantelpiece. Using fresh, seasonal flowers with movement, colour and texture you can create something that looks complex in just a few easy steps.

STEP 1)  Find a medium sized vase that complements the colours of the flowers

Seasonal Spring Flowers

STEP 2)  Add some bleeding heart at each side of the vase leaving a space in the centre, so the flowers just touch the edge of the vase.

Seasonal Spring Flowers Seasonal Spring Flowers

STEP 3)  Add the spiraea just behind and slightly taller than the bleeding hearts letting the stems curve out to each side

Seasonal Spring Flowers Seasonal Spring Flowers Seasonal Spring Flowers

STEP 4)  Add some peonies just left of the centre of the arrangement making each one a little taller than the first so they all have enough space to be seen

Spring Flowers Spring Flowers

STEP 5)  Add several stems of bluebells to the right of the the arrangement towards the back

Seasonal Spring Flowers

STEP 6)  Spread some fritillaries in an arc shape throughout the arrangement

STEP 7)  Finish with a small group of forget-me-nots at the front of the vase near the peonies for a delicate pop of colour.

Seasonal Spring Flowers


Ta da! Well done, you did it! Here’s the final result and some close ups of these gorgeous seasonal Spring beauties


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