Diary of a Boho Bride – Introducing Whitney and Tom

diary of a boho bride

Happy Good Friday to you all, I hope you all have something, exciting/relaxing planned for this bank holiday weekend.  4 whole days, what could be better!  Maybe you have a wedding to go to or maybe your getting married this Easter bank holiday, I would love to hear about it if you are!

Last week I introduced you to the first two of our new Boho brides and grooms, Ruth and Mike and Jo and Paddy.  Today there are two more for you, Whitney and Tom and later on today Molly and Scott. With the last two being revealed next Friday.  Whitney is getting married where I did on the beautiful Island of Ibiza.  I am going back in  a months time for our first family holiday since having Dexter and I can’t wait!
Please make Whitney and Tom very welcome.


Whitney and Tom

Wedding date: 30th May 2016
Location: Agroturismo Can Gall – Ibiza
Colour scheme/theme: Ethereal romance – plenty of delicate, feminine and soft colours
Photographer: Holly from Belle and Beau

Whitney and Tom

How they met

My good friends John and Verity had been travelling around the world for 6 months and when they arrived home they brought back with them not only a really good tan but also my future husband! Tom was also travelling at the time and had bonded with John over a book that they were both reading on a flight to Australia. The boys got on so well they decided to exchange numbers and continue to meet up on their travels around Australia. When they got home I remember Verity saying to me that they had met a great guy who they just has to introduce me to! After a few carefully planned nights out by John and Verity we soon became an item.

The proposal

Tom proposed on my birthday weekend and I did not suspect a thing! One night I came home from a very long day at work to lots of tea light candles around the house and a fabulous dinner cooked for me by Tom. I thought it was all part of the birthday celebrations but later that night we were relaxing on the sofa listening to music when Tom told me to ‘Drink up’. I went to take another sip of my drink and as I did there in an ice cube in my drink, was the biggest, sparkliest diamond I have ever seen! Of course we then had to wait for the ice cube to melt so Tom could get down on one knee but it was just perfect, just us in our lovely little house. I had planned a BBQ with all of our family and friends the next day to celebrate my birthday so it soon became a joint celebration – it was so nice to be able to celebrate immediately with all of our loved ones.

The wedding

The first big decision we made was about the venue. We looked at heaps of UK venues but nothing really floated our wedding boat! We knew we didn’t want a traditional package wedding. We were beginning to give up hope when our thoughts turned to an abroad wedding. There are immediately worries about whether any of your guests will turn up as it is such a big ask. So with our friends and families reassuring us that it was a fabulous idea our thoughts then turned to a location.

I had been to Ibiza many times and had fallen in love with the islands natural beauty, the food, the climate and of course all the not-so-quiet nights the island has to offer! Somehow I managed to convince Tom Ibiza was a good idea and we set about researching Ibizan wedding venues. As part of this process we enlisted the help of a wedding planner.  Tom was super pleased about the wedding planner as apparently there is only so much wedding talk a boy can take! I found Lisa from Isla and Smith when browsing for inspiration on Instagram.

We had planned to visit 5 venues in Ibiza in April however it soon became clear that Ibiza has become a really popular wedding destination and although we had given ourselves plenty of time to plan a wedding, we were finding that many suppliers were already getting booked for our chosen dates. Following lots of research we took the plunge and without seeing it in the flesh we booked the venue at the top of our list, a boutique hotel called Can Gall. A beautiful 300 year old finca, settled in the olive and almond groves in the Ibizan mountainside. The venues’ surroundings are stunning so I don’t think the venue will need much decoration. Our wedding style will therefore be very simple yet stylish, with neutral colours so that it stays looking classy and doesn’t distract from the amazing views.

To us, having our wedding in Ibiza is not just about the great food and scenery but it’s also an excuse to get all of our favourite people together in one place for a few days. We wanted an intimate wedding so have chosen 60 of our closest friends and family. We cannot wait to celebrate with them all and dance all night under the stars. We are literally counting down the days until we become Mr and Mrs Lloyd.

Whitney and Tom wedding ideas

Photo Source (top left to bottom right) Ribbons / Can Gall Wedding Venue / Bride / Lights / invitationsCan Gall Wedding Venue in the eveningCan Gall Wedding Venue / Couple / Love notes


Whitney xx


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