Diary of a Boho Bride – Kerry & Jon. Entry 6: Highlights of Wedding Planning

diary of a boho bride

Only a few hours before the weekend! Hip Hip HURRAY. I’m actually really enjoy this time of year. The snowdrops are finally emerging from the ground, the daffodils are appearing and it’s getting so much lighter in the morning. The blue skies were here in Yorkshire this morning and I believe they are staying until the weekend! I hope you all have some lovely plans in place for the weekend.  I know if the blue skies are hear to stay I will be outdoors for most of mine!

Today we are back with Kerry our lovely Boho Bride to hear more about what she has been doing since her last post on her finer details.

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I’ll hand you over to Kerry…

Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow, a big time of year for those lucky couples getting engaged. It’s been a busy month for us, I was serious when I said it’s time to get down to business! With just over 6 months to go now, how our wedding day is going to come together is becoming much clearer now and I feel less stressed about everything and am thoroughly enjoying planning.


Stag & Hen or Stan Do?

Boho Bride

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Now if this question is one you’re asking yourself, I completely understand why.
I love a good Hen party and Jon always comes back from Stag do’s knackered, which is normally a sign of a good time, however, when it came to deciding what we wanted to do for ours, neither of us could decide.
We threw some ideas around, but nothing really took our fancy. We wanted to do something different, something that we’ve not done before with our friends and something that we would all remember for years to come.
After much deliberation about what to do for our Hen and Stag Do’s, we came up with the idea of having a joint party. Our friends are pretty much within the same group of people and it’s a great excuse to get everyone together before our wedding day, so breaking tradition and having a Sten Do instead!
Everyone has been really excited about the idea, which is a huge relief as we weren’t sure how people would react. So, a huge group of our friends and family are heading to Chester Races for the day! Woohoo, so excited, we really can’t wait!
As for the evening’s entertainment, we have no idea what’s going on – the plans for our Sten Do are in the capable hands of Jon’s best man and sister!
If you’re debating whether to have a joint party, go for it, you’ll be surprised how many people will be up for it!


My Dress

Boho Bride

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I ordered my dress over a year ago and it’s been patiently waiting for me at the dress shop. I’ve been dying to go and see my actual dress and try it on. As hard as it’s been, I’ve resisted temptation and refrained from going too early.

Now we’re reaching the 6 month to date mark, I’ve given in and booked to go and try it on next week with my sister! I hope it’s as I remember, I’m a little nervous, but very excited at the same time.



Boho Bride

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I am so excited, I finally got my hands on some Blue Mason Ball jars, words can not explain how ecstatic I was when I managed to find someone who would deliver them to the UK without the expensive delivery costs!
They are going to look so pretty dotted around our venue filled with pretty flowers and floating candles.


The Highlight of Our Month.

Boho Bride

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This has to be my favourite moment this month. Jon is extremely fussy, no, let’s say particular when it comes to clothing. I still wouldn’t even dare to buy anything for him now!
So as you can imagine, hunting for the right suit has been an interesting task. Jon looks amazing in a suit and traditional attire is just not him. He’s a slim fit, skinny tie kind of guy.
We’ve searched all over the internet, looked at designer suits, having a suit made and even travelled to the other end of the country to try on a particular design.
Out of shear desperation, I suggested that we go to the shops. We’re online shoppers and both get annoyed at the hustle and bustle of shops. Getting Jon to Cheshire Oaks was a task in itself!
As we left the house he said to me “I’m not buying one today, we’re just going to look”. Which was absolutely fine, we still have plenty of time.
We went into a couple of shops, although nothing stood out, until we came across a Ted Baker suit. It’s the only one Jon tried on and I just knew by his face he wanted it! I can’t blame him, he looked absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see his whole outfit come together.

Best wishes,

Kerry & Jon


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