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Today is the last DIY tutorial of the year (Boo) and keeping with this months theme I have anther Christmas tutorial for you. By now, hopefully you would have completed all of your christmas shopping, completed all your crafting projects but if you are anything like me you won’t have finished your wrapping yet! Today we have gift wrapping specialist, Jane Means on the blog to share with us her top tips for wrapping a gift in style to create a professional finish in just a few minutes! Merry Christmas!

Client - Escapade, comm by Naomi Barry

I’ll pass you over to Jane……

Sometimes wrapping even the simplest of gifts can be difficult, with ripped paper and sticky tape tangles being common problems. But gift wrapping needn’t be stressful, especially when we’ve put so much effort into choosing the perfect gift in the first place.

you will need words
  • Ideally with a double-sided pattern although paper with a white backing is sufficient

STEP 1) First you need to check there is enough paper to cover the top of the box.  (Tip: if you want to check your paper is long enough, cut a small strip, from the edge of the full length of paper and wrap it around your box. If the edges overlap you have enough paper)

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STEP 2) Next you need to check you have enough paper for the sides of the box. To do this place your box on the giftwrap and lift the side of the paper up, so it matches the same height as your box on each side and cut your paper to size

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STEP 3) Next take one edge of the paper and fold it back on itself to create a contrasting strip

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STEP 4) Place the box back on the paper and tuck one end under the other ensuring the contrasting strip is left exposed in the centre of the box

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STEP 5) Take your finger and thumb and make crease marks along each edge of the box to create clean smooth lines

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STEP 6) Next come the sides of the gift. Fold down the top of each end of paper ensuring it does not hit the bottom. If the paper does catch just trim it until it folds neatly down

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STEP 7) Fold in the sides of the paper next followed by the bottom piece

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STEP 8) Now all of the paper is folded you want to create the perfect ends. You’ll see a V shape either side of the end.  In the middle of the V, turn the paper back on itself so it matches perfectly, then refold to create a flawless join

Shoot for 3M Magic Tape

STEP 9) Secure the ends with Scotch Magic Tape. Don’t worry if you make a mistake when applying it, the tape is instantly repositionable so you can just peel it off and reapply without ruining your handiwork. The tape is also invisible on matte paper, so won’t distract from your beautiful wrapping

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STEP 10) Repeat for the other end

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STEP 11) To add a finishing decorative touch to your gift, cut a strip of paper the same width as the contrasting band

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STEP 12) Form a series of three circle ‘loops’ around your fingers, each one a little bigger than the last, ensuring you leave enough space in the first circle to slide a strip of tape through. Make sure the two ends of the circle overlap

Shoot for 3M Magic Tape

STEP 13) Hold the circular decoration with one hand and place a piece of Scotch Magic Tape inside the circle with your other hand and stick down to secure your shape

STEP 14) Place the shape in the centre of the gift in line with the contrasting strip. Feed a strip of Scotch Magic Tape through the hole and stick to the gift

Shoot for 3M Magic Tape

STEP 15) If the tape accidentally sticks somewhere it shouldn’t simply peel it off and reposition

STEP 16) And there you have your stunning gift!

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For more ideas and inspiration on how to use Scotch Magic Tape for a range of everyday uses visit www.facebook.com/ScotchUK.

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