Rhodri and Elaine’s Govanhill Baths Engagement Shoot. By Mack Photography

Good Morning to you all! This morning I am waking up in London. I love London Town!  I am down for the weekend to shoot a 2 day wedding. The wedding has been spilt into 2 so today Paul and I get about 5 hours to explore London before we need to meet with our bride and groom. London is so beautiful at this time of year and we are feeling very festive!

Today on the blog we have Mack Photography who has kindly shared with us today this lovely Govanhill Baths engagement shoot. What a truly amazing place to hold an engagement shoot. Imagine a wedding here! It would be amazing!

‘Fun! Lindsey has an amazing eye for finding light and keeping things relaxed’

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How they met
We met through work in March 2011. Rhodri was a newbie and when he wasn’t working in the London office he sat on the floor above so we barely said more than a passing hello to each other for the first few months. In May we went to an industry do and got chatting after a few drinks. I had heard Rhodri played guitar in a band and asked if he’d teach me… we’ve been inseparable since, although I still can’t play guitar!

The Proposal
Rhodri proposed on the pebble beach at Aberaeon in August 2012. We had been for dinner and decided to sit on a rock to watch the sun go down. We were casually chatting about the future when Rhodri asked if I would marry him, I instantly said yes! Unknown to me he had been planning the proposal for weeks and bought the most beautiful bespoke engagement ring from an independent Jewellers in Stirling when we had been home visiting my family.

The one thing you love about each other
Elaine: Rhodri just gets me, we have the same humour and often both burst out laughing at things others probably wouldn’t even notice. I can just be myself around him and not worry about being a goof.

Rhodri: What I love about Elaine the most is the fact that she makes me smile and laugh everyday, we’re both on the same wavelength and see things the same way, to the extent of my father calling us Mr & Mrs Quirky.

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