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Ask The Experts – The True Cost of a Wedding Make-Up Artist by Tori Harris Make-Up

2 The True Cost of a Wedding Make-Up Artist

  Late last year I put up a post about the true cost of a wedding DJ, the post was about the preconception that all wedding suppliers put their prices up as soon a someone uses the word wedding! I know wedding suppliers get tarnished with this a lot, so here on the blog I… Read more »



Bridal Style: 10 Minute Bridal Make-up – 2 Key Looks

1 10 minute make up - Chocolate eyes

  Today we are talking Make-Up, but specifically super fast make up! Now I have to admit I take an age to get ready, a good 30 minutes to get my face done, 20 minutes for a quick look, so when I was sent this book 10 Minute Make-Up by Boris Entrup, I was interested… Read more »



Bridal Style: Pretty British Roses – Uncomplicated and Natural Hair and Make-Up

Pretty British Roses

  This afternoon on the blog it’s all about hair and make-up, thanks to the incredibly talented Hair & Make-up artist Jenn Edwards. Jen has put together some amazing styles for all of you out there looking for something a little less structured,  a little less fixed and more natural and uncomplicated. I am seeing loads… Read more »



Bridal Style: Finding The Right Make Up Artist And That All Important Make Up Trial

Finding the right make up artist

    Hiring a professional makeup artist is something I strongly recommend for your wedding day. It’s a long day and your face needs to look fresh and perfect from morning till night. You don’t want your foundation sliding down your face by the time you get to the wedding breakfast!  Plus if your make up has been done professional you will look so much better in your wedding photos. Cameras will pick… Read more »



Bridal Beauty Countdown – A 12 Month Plan to Help You Look and Feel Fabulous on Your Wedding Day

Bridal Beauty Countdown

Today we are talking beauty on the Blog and the whole array of things that you may need to think about before your big day! But don’t worry it’s not me giving out the advice today (although quite frankly I could probably do with some myself at the moment) I have enlisted Hair and Make up Expert Jen Edwards who is going… Read more »