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Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 11th August


Happy Sunday folks. The weeks are flying by far too quickly this summer and there are now just a couple left to spend with my boys before they start school again. We are frantically cramming in trips and social gatherings and making the most of the sunshine as it goes head to head with the… Read more »



Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 4th August


Happy happy Sunday! Is it raining with you? Are you relieved that your garden is able to breath again? Do you currently sit in your window and watch the weather go by, relishing a lazy Sunday with no plans? I, and my beautiful family, am currently tucked up warm, complete with log fire (yes in… Read more »



Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 28th July


  Here comes August! And for the first weekend in a very long time, I’m actually spending it at home. My oldest son (eleven) has come home after a long week away with dear friends and whilst he did say he missed us all, I know he would go back there in a heartbeat. We… Read more »



Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 21st July


  Good Morning! I hope that you are having a lovely weekend. Today I’m spending the last few hours of the weekend spent with a dear friend of mine. Someone whom I’ve known for many years now, someone who I can be completely and wholly myself with, someone who accepts me including all my flaws…. Read more »



Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 14th July


  Now I’m a big fan of thunder storms. The heavy, sweaty, dense feeling before them and the relief and freshness that they leave behind. My children love them too, which I’m thankful for; we line up against the windows at night watching for lightning and counting the miles until the thunder erupts. It’s not… Read more »



Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 7th July


  Happy happy Sunday dear readers! I’m hoping that as you read this you are relaxed and enjoying your Sunday. I’m hoping that there’s a big roast dinner or maybe a table full of friends and lots of bowls of tapas. I’m wishing for sunny weather or a way of enjoying the rain if it… Read more »