Diary of a Boho Bride: Sarah & Del (Entry 6) Loose Ends and Outfits

diary of a boho bride
Friday is upon us already, yay! It also means that we are back with our lovely feature Diary of a Boho Bride (and groom!). Last time we heard all about Wedmin and Sarah and Del are back and this week.  They are talking all about Loose Ends and Outfits. Reading over Sarah and Del’s post they seem to be very organised. I love the outfit ideas.

Sarah & Del Ibiza

I’ll pass you over to Sarah and Del…..

Hello! It’s nearly December already! Where did all of that time go?! Wedding-wise, we’ve just passed the 6 months to go marker, and so as well as seeing some of our budget start to disappear on instalments for the more expensive of our suppliers, we’ve also jumped into action with lots of little things that we’d been meaning to do for ages. Del’s stag is booked – they’re off to Budapest – and Sarah’s just starting to plan her hen in Madrid. We’ve finalised cake flavours – it’ll be a multi-coloured, multi-flavoured naked cake. This weekend we’re off in different directions to parents’ homes – Del is hopefully getting his tartan trousers outfit sorted and Sarah is going to her Mum’s to talk beverages & alcohol!

This month we’ve also spent an obscene amount of money in HobbyCraft on all sorts of things for our DIY projects, and we’ve even started making our favours. We’ll talk more about our DIY projects in the coming months, but lets just say we’ve experimented with coloured pens, rubber stamps, various colours, different papers, computer programmes and cardboard letters. We’ve picked up various items in craft shops, train stations, newsagents, and we’ve been for walks in the park to get lots of inspiration for those projects. In the coming week or so we’re hoping to finalise ideas for some more DIY projects, and my Mum’s getting involved with her knitting too!

Diary of a boho bride Picture 1     Picture 2

So, again, it’s been a busy month! But one of the things that keeps coming up, and it feels awful to say this, is getting frustrated with some suppliers. Not a week goes by where we are complaining that we are still waiting for X to get back to us despite three or four reminder emails. At the moment we’re trying to find a piper for the wedding, and have emailed somebody three times to no reply – we know people are busy, but it’d be nice to get a response within a week – it’s so frustrating waiting for somebody to get back to us. but enough with the complaining – wedding planning is mainly lots of fun!

The last major things to be sorted out are related to our outfits – Del needs to pick his (hopefully this weekend) and then over Christmas meet up with his ushers to hire their outfits too. For Sarah, it’s hair and accessories. And so we thought we’d say a few words about wedding outfits. We’re being pretty traditional outfits wise – Sarah knows what Del wants to wear, but Del is in the dark about Sarah’s dress. And so we thought we’d chat a little about the differences for us both when it comes to the other’s outfit. (more…)



Mary and Liam’s Vintage Inspired Homespun Wedding. By Your Dear Image

Well Hello Friday you cheeky little thing, so happy to see you! I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to the weekend ahead. As I missed out on the weekend last week due to a bout of food poisoning I am super excited about this weekend, especially as Nik and I are off to Shropshire for my University Reunion. We are going minus baby and staying over so making a proper weekend of it.  We also have our nephews 1st birthday party to squeeze in aswell, so a busy weekend for us! What about you?? I have another gorgeous wedding for you today, this week really has been a fab week for them! Todays is a vintage loving homespun affair, full with lovely little touches. Like yesterdays bride Mary made her own wedding dress with a lot of help from her mother, and I’m sure you will agree she looks amazing, I just love her shoes! The whole day looks superb and the marquee decor is just gorgeous. Thanks to Your Dear Image for the photos.

‘A homemade affair where we hoped everyone felt loved, included and welcome.’

1a Vintage Inspired Homespun Wedding By Your Dear Image Annabelle Dalby

Mary and Liam were married on 12th June 2014 We actually got married in Wales, in a beautiful private house, then did the drinks reception and wedding breakfast at our super friendly and helpful next door neighbours, who happen to have a rather large garden that is open to the public, before taking everyone down to my parents’ house where we had a dance floor, bonfire and pig roast set up, along with a few kegs of local ale. We wanted something incredibly relaxed, where we could dance under the stars until the sun came up, and something we would ultimately enjoy ourselves. In fact we had so much fun we were the on the last mini bus to leave! We took most of the inspiration from the venues, the relaxed style of day we wanted and some of our own stories and memories to try and make it as personal as possible to us. I really wanted it to feel like a family affair, not just a day about the two of us, so it was great to have the support of all our friends and family who helped so much. We had 120 for the day and dinner and an extra 30 for the night. Planning only took about two months but sourcing everything took about 8-9 months of pretty relentless car booting.

Annabelle Dalby

Annabelle Dalby (more…)



Honeymoon Ideas – Winter Honeymoon Destinations


Honeymoon Ideas - Winter honeymoon destinations

Today we are talking honeymoons and what better time to be thinking about jetting off to a warmer climate than when the weather is as as cold and rubbish as it is at the moment! With an increase in the number of couples opting for a winter wedding, to add a touch of fairytale magic to their nuptial, the issue arises of where to find some sun, romance and relaxation following their special, but often chilly, big day.

It may be grey and gloomy in the UK, but if you’re willing to get on a plane there are many places where it’s summer and the beach is awaiting. Here are a selection of dreamy locations to unwind after your perfect wedding.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil’s second-largest city may not immediately come to mind when thinking about romantic honeymoon spots, but Rio de Janeiro offers something to suit everybody’s tastes. From horseback riding, to the 1920s glamour of Copacabana Palace, to hot beaches and the idyllic island retreat of Ilha Grande just a few kilometres away, this vibrant and exciting destination has so much to offer. Parque das Ruinas, or “Ruins Park,” offers visitors a romantic stroll atop a hill with panoramic views of all that the city has to offer. Rio’s longest beach, Barra da Tijuca, is an 11 mile stretch which offers many secluded spots to spend the day. Or, if you fancy a beach with a spectacular backdrop, Botafogo Beach is set in the shade of Corrovado Mountain and the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer. For more travel information click here.



If all you desire is total relaxation on beautiful sandy beaches, then Barbados might be a better option. This coral island is sunny and warm all year round, with average temperatures reaching 23 -29º C during the day, dropping slightly at night.

One of the top honeymoon destinations for Brits, this Caribbean island is just 21 miles long and framed by an expanse of white tropical sand. Crane Beach was voted one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world by television series Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Read more about the beauty of Barbados’ beaches here.

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Barbados’ capital city of Bridgetown; the area provides access to diving and snorkeling, rum tours and horse racing. For a more tranquil setting, Harrison’s Cove offers sparkling clear water running from waterfalls into emerald pools, or you can just relax and watch the turtles go by—particularly in St Lawrence’s Bay, where they come in close hoping for a treat from passersby.

6741542225_696424b9d1_b (more…)



Laura and Mathew’s Vintage Railway DIY Wedding With a Homemade Wedding Dress. By Rebecca Prigmore Photography

I have another wonderful wedding for you today, a vintage inspired day, with lots of rustic touches and a stack of homemade details. So many things were DIY projects made by the bride and groom, the bride even made her own wedding dress! It’s the venue that really struck me though, as it is set in a railway museum, which offers up the most amazing backdrop for this splendid wedding day. With old trains, old train bits and bobs and with the whole venue steeped in history, the vintage touches that Laura and Mathew bring in really match their day perfectly! This wedding is full of character and personality and I just love it, I’m sure you will to. Big thanks to Rebecca Prigmore Photography for the images.

‘It was a day full of fun, happiness, laughs and love. It was an amazing celebration to start our marriage.’

1a Vintage Railway DIY Wedding By Rebecca Prigmore Photography 2 Vintage Railway DIY Wedding By Rebecca Prigmore Photography

Laura and Mathew were married on 14th June 2014 at Colchester Town Hall then onto a reception at The East Anglian Railway Museum. ‘We wanted somewhere that wasn’t a standard ‘package deal’ -When we were looking around, we saw lots of lovely venues but they all came with a list of limitations and a hefty price tag. So we started looking at venue spaces rather than wedding venues. We had spotted the museum in a local magazine and a friend of a friend had used it too. When we went to visit the museum, we knew it was a very DIY affair….but nothing after that compared to having a vintage train carriage in the room. We had 75 guests and it took about 1 year to plan’

3 Vintage Railway DIY Wedding By Rebecca Prigmore Photography

4 Vintage Railway DIY Wedding By Rebecca Prigmore Photography (more…)



Film Club: Laura and Stu’s Amazing Animation Wedding Film by SoyMilk

film club

It’s time for another edition of Film Club and today I have a real treat for you! This film comes all the way from Australia from a hugely talented company called from SoyMilk Wedding. The film was commissioned by a UK bride for her very lucky husband. SoyMik create handcrafted animations for weddings and their work is completely unique and I just love it! This film is so special and something totally different, and oh so sweet and charming. I know you are going to love it a much as I do.

Laura & Stu from Soymilk Studio on Vimeo.


Jenni tells us more about how the film was made………..

Putting all our minds and hands into hard work with over detailed craft, time-consuming traditional animation, we recreate love stories through stop motion animations (for wedding receptions, invitations, proposals, speeches, gifts etc.), that are as passionate as we are !

Anyway, few months ago, we received an email from overseas (how exciting!) from a London-based young lady called Laura, asking us if we could help her produce a surprise animated film, to show her fiancée Stu and their respective families and friends, during their gorgeous wedding day in London on the 1st of Nov!

The inspiration was to use a book as a vehicle for the different chapters of their love story. It was also a clever way to show the passage of time, while using pop-up transitions between the different pages/sets, to add visual interest.  The process was pretty epic (!) and involved a lot of research and time spent on the construction of the pop-up book (100% paper) and the illustration of the various scenes….
We then, created different lighting atmospheres for each location and animated the book and characters in stop-motion.

This very personalized film is based on Laura and Stu’s love story, from their very first online meeting to their romantic engagement in France, topped off with a scene of their future life in their new London home.


For more information on Paul & Jenni’s work go to 






Hannah and Russell’s Rustic Spanish Wedding With a Gorgeous First Look. By Violeta Minnick

Hello to you all! I have a real treat for you today with this truly delightful wedding, that has been sent into me by Hannah the Beautiful bride. It’s a destination wedding from Mallorca and it is just stunning! After meeting in Mallorca on a holiday romance and then going back there for the proposal it seemed only fitting that Hannah and Russell got married in Mallorca aswell. This they did in true Spanish style with the most amazing views, and a gorgeous outdoor ceremony and outdoor reception. With a gorgeous first look, great surroundings, fabulous food and dancing under the starts this wedding is just wonderful. Thanks to Violeta Minnick for the images.

‘Our wedding day was all about sharing a special, beautiful place with those closest to us. We aimed for a relaxed, rustic country aesthetic with a squeeze of Spanish citrus.’

1a Rustic Spanish Wedding By Violeta Minnick 2 Rustic Spanish Wedding By Violeta Minnick

Hannah and Russell  were married on 4th June 2014 at a Private Villa on the outskirts of Cala D’or, Mallorca. ‘Having met on the island 4 years previously it was an obvious choice. We wanted to share the beautiful island with our friends and family and don’t think anywhere else would have felt quite right. We were engaged for 3 years. I began collecting ideas as soon as we got engaged however we didn’t start any official planning until about a year before the wedding. Once I had a list of possible photographers, caterers and villas we flew to Mallorca to see them. We had a total of 60 guests.’

3 Rustic Spanish Wedding By Violeta Minnick

4 Rustic Spanish Wedding By Violeta Minnick (more…)