2 people 1 Life: Wedding 54 – A Pagan Ritual in Lithuania

Today we are back with Lisa and Alex from 2 people 1 life for wedding number 54 – A Pagan Ritual in Lithuania. Last time Lisa and Alex celebrated with a Hungarian wedding featuring a Hungarian legend who rides 10 horses at the same time…. standing! This time we witness the couple tying the 54th knot in traditional dress, celebrating with a sacred fire ritual and ancient, cultural songs.

(In case you have missed the whole story, Lisa and Alex have spent the last two years travelling round the world getting married in every country they visit, you can read more about their adventures HERE.)

1 Two people One Life - A Pagan Ritual in Europe

2 Two people One Life - A Pagan Ritual in Europe

As a couple who have travelled around Europe quite a lot we were excited to visit the countries we had never seen before, those on the farthest fringes of Europe, like Lithuania. We were pleasantly surprised at the beautiful landscape, the pretty little homes dotted around the farmed land and the fruit trees proudly displaying their harvest. We were also very excited to learn more about the countries’ traditions surrounding Marriage.

3 Two people One Life - A Pagan Ritual in Europe 4 Two people One Life - A Pagan Ritual in Europe

We arrived in Vilnius and arranged to meet with Daiva from Mass of Faces who had made all of the wedding arrangements and would also be our photographer on the day. We were excited to finally meet her after 6 months of correspondence and we were also VERY excited for our fittings with Mados Butas who had hand made us traditional outfits for the ceremony!

We went along to the boutique to have a fitting and were thrilled to try on our beautiful clothing made of traditional heavy linen in a very ancient Lithuanian style.  Both of our outfits fitted perfectly and we just had one more day to wait to wear them for the ceremony which, neither of us knew anything about!  Daiva had kept a lot of the details a secret even from Alex which is very unusual. Normally he knows about most things and I have the pleasure of the surprises on the day but this would be different as Alex would also be completely surprised by everything we did. I was very excited to see how it all turned out and to see Alex’s face on the day!  We were very nervous the morning of the wedding as we still had absolutely NO idea of the plan! (more…)



Kate & Tom’s London Wedding of Favourite Things. By Laura Babb

Today’s wedding, for your viewing pleasure, just oozes fun and happy vibes, as you can see from these lovely images by Boho regular, Laura Babb. Kate and Tom filled their wedding day with all their favourite things and shared it with all their favourite people. The flowers are vibrant and colourful, the whole bridal party look extremely dapper in their navy suits and dresses and the little pop of colour from the smallest bridesmaid in red, just finishes the whole look perfectly. Accents of red, white and blue for a really ‘british’ affair!

“The best day ever! A fun, relaxed and happy day celebrating with our favourite people!”

1 Kate & Tom's London Wedding of Favourite Things. By Laura Babb 2 Kate & Tom's London Wedding of Favourite Things. By Laura Babb

Kate and Tom were married on the 5th April at the Old Finsbury Town Hall, London EC1. “We really wanted to serve Indian style food at the wedding (it’s our favourite) so we were mainly looking at venues where it was possible to choose the caterer. The Great Hall at the Old Finsbury Town Hall is stunning and we loved was only a mile down the road from our Islington flat! It was also one of the more affordable venues which always helps!”

3 Kate & Tom's London Wedding of Favourite Things. By Laura Babb

4 Kate & Tom's London Wedding of Favourite Things. By Laura Babb (more…)



Box House Media – Creative Wedding Videography


Emma and Ben were married on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand on the 16th March, at the beautiful Villa Kalyana. We spoke to Lance Smith, who was present for the duration of their very special celebration. And we are lucky enough to be able to share that with you for today’s Inspiration Post.

“My favourite part of the wedding would have to be the ceremony. The celebrant spoke softly and he was calm. Emma and Ben’s vows to each other were beautiful. There was an incredible energy between them and I’m sure it was felt by every one of their guests.”


I’ll hand you over to Lance…

“When you’re invited by a couple to shoot their destination wedding, you want to make sure you bring your A game, plan well and make the most of every opportunity. The wedding of Emma and Ben was meticulously planned so it was only fair that I planned my shoot the same. I shot this wedding over 5 days which included an intimate shoot at sunset, personal interviews, a cocktail party, a family dinner, a trip to the Fisherman’s Markets, days spent exploring the island on moped with a 15kg camera bag and tripod strapped to my back searching for that epic landscape shot and of course the wedding day itself. Shooting all of this solo was always going to pose a challenge but a challenge I was willing to accept.

image001 (Photo courtesy of: Anne Sophie Maestracci)

Amongst all these moments I was privileged to spend quality time with Emma and Ben and their family and closest friends. We shared authentic Thai dinners together and drank Chang and other assorted Thai beers while hanging out. Having this time to bond with everyone really gave me a feel for Emma and Ben’s love for each other. Their love is deep, genuine, whole-hearted and fun. It creates a real energy. Engrossing myself in the hype and emotion of it all really helped me tell their story. Everyone embraced the idea of a film and were relaxed and themselves. It made for some great shots. This highlight film is a small taste of the festivities that took place over 5 days in Koh Samui, Thailand.”

Emma & Ben | Koh Samui, Thailand | Highlight from Box Media House on Vimeo.

For more information on Lance’s work please go to:





Jo & Claire’s Travel Inspired, Child Friendly Wedding. By Binky Nixon

I’m so happy to be featuring yet another same sex wedding on the blog today. Since the legalisation of same sex marriages, we are seeing such an increase in submissions, like this one of Jo and Clare from regular contributor Binky Nixon.  What I love, as well as the beautiful gowns, is the subtle handmade touches throughout the ceremony and reception. Claire and Jo look absolutely stunning and so very much in love.

“Friendly, happy and inclusive. One of our guests left a message to say our wedding “gave her hope for the future, and pride that Brits have welcomed marriages like yours”.

1 Jo & Claire's Travel Inspired, Child Friendly Wedding. By Binky Nixon 11 Jo & Claire's Travel Inspired, Child Friendly Wedding. By Binky Nixon

Jo & Claire were married on 30th May at South Farm, Shingay-cum-Wendy. “We really wanted to get married somewhere with a lot of character and South Farm had absolutely everything we wanted from a venue. Not only does it have beautiful grounds, a stunning house and Tudor barn, but it also has gypsy caravans for guests to stay in and tiny piglets roaming around. We were able to get married outside in the summer house with our guests watching from over the lake. We always knew that we wanted two aisles so that we could both walk down at the same time and having the wedding outside gave us plenty of space. South Farm grows most of its own produce and the food is delicious. By coincidence, our preferred date came free the day before we visited so we ended up booking, before we had even been on a tour!”

66 Jo & Claire's Travel Inspired, Child Friendly Wedding. By Binky Nixon

4 Jo & Claire's Travel Inspired, Child Friendly Wedding. By Binky Nixon (more…)



Boho Loves: The Professional Entertainers – A Unique Way to Book Your Wedding Entertainment.


The Professional Entertainers

Today I’d like to introduce you to a fantastic company dealing with all your wedding entertainment needs; The Professional Entertainers. The Professional Entertainers is an exclusive wedding directory featuring Britain’s best wedding bands and entertainment put together especially for you to find the perfect option for your wedding or event. The website has been set up to make your search easier, and what makes them different from other directories is that they don’t take any commissions from the bookings, they simply put you in contact with the band so you can chat to them your self.
Having had a look at the website, I found it bright, modern and very easy to navigate round. With lots of options to search under and lots of search results in each category, the site is FULL of wonderful bands, singers and entertainment. They each have their own mini website featuring pictures, a bio, video clips and testimonials. Will from the Directory has been kind enough to tell us a bit more about how it works.

I’ll pass you over to Will………..

TPE Banner

‘ The Professional Entertainers website is a completely new and unique way to search for, and book your wedding entertainment. Firstly, we only feature the very best, most professional wedding bands & musicians after very strict vetting. Secondly, we put bridal couples in direct contact with the featured acts (much preferred by professional musicians!) – which means no agency fees, commission or VAT on top of the acts fee. The only website of it’s kind – The best bands, at the best price!’

What made you start your business?
Well, Will and myself, (being full time wedding musicians!) found there was something missing from all the other entertainment directories that were clogging up the internet. They all seemed to be full of any old band willing to part with money to be featured – and as a professional band, we would get lost in a sea of masses of wedding entertainment – the good and the very bad!! We wanted to create a website where Brides and Grooms could find ONLY the Best Live wedding bands – bands and musicians that had met a strict joining criteria before going live on our website. We wanted to create an industry standard – knowing that anyone searching to find the Best Live wedding bands, could use our website and find nothing but quality, vetted, professional entertainment, with the added bonus of not having to pay any Agency fees on top of the acts prices, as we are not an agency and have no dealings with bookings. This was when we came up with the idea of The Professional Entertainers, and some time back in early 2013 we set about designing and creating a website with the ingenious help of ‘Caged Fish’ in Market Harborough. After months of website designing and building we were ready to launch to the public in August 2013.

5 The Professional Entertainers

7 The Professional Entertainers (more…)



Laura & Jon’s Wedding By The Sea. By Paul Underhill

The smiles on every single face in today’s wedding, are immeasurable! And you can’t help but grin when you look through these beautiful, sunny, seaside images by Dorset wedding photographer Paul Underhill. It’s plain to see that Laura and Jon enjoyed every single moment of their wedding day. I love how relaxed everyone looks, how ecstatic Laura’s Father is and the vibrancy of the flowers and finishing touches against the stonework of the reception venue. This is just one, big, happy wedding which will have you smiling from ear to ear from start to finish. Enjoy.

“Unique. A beautiful day in a beautiful place with wonderful people to share our special day.”

1 Laura & Jon's Wedding By The Sea. By Paul Underhill 2 Laura & Jon's Wedding By The Sea. By Paul Underhill

Laura and Jon were married on the 21st June at St James’ Church in Poole and the reception at Scaplen’s Court Museum also in Poole, Dorset. “Despite living in Guildford we have no connections there so wanted to be married in Dorset by the sea. My family has been married, christened and buried in the church since the year dot so had strong connections. My grandparents got married there in 1946 and so were granted special permission to follow in their footsteps.”

11 Laura & Jon's Wedding By The Sea. By Paul Underhill

67 Laura & Jon's Wedding By The Sea. By Paul Underhill (more…)