Dale and Ed’s Neon Art Love Shoot. By Babb Photo

I am really enjoying this Saturday feature, as I do love to receive love shoots, pre wedding shoots and engagement shoots. There is something rather special about sharing a couples photos when it is just them, the camera and their surroundings! No wedding, no fuss, no details just them! I especially like it when the surroundings are somewhere a bit different and todays shoot ticks that box in a big way! Laura from Babb Photo took Dale and Ed to God’s Own Junkyard the fabulous home of neon artist Chris Bracey and I’m sue you will agree the results are amazing! A gorgeous couple in a wonderful setting, making some pretty great photo art!

1a Neon Art Love Shoot By Babb Photo 2 Neon Art Love Shoot By Babb Photo 3 Neon Art Love Shoot By Babb Photo

Laura has been kind enough to tell us more about the shoot……….

This might be one of my favourite shoots of all time. Ever.
Ever since I first visited God’s Own Junkyard, the home of neon artist Chris Bracey, I knew I wanted to shoot there and I think Dale and Ed were the perfect couple for this location.
Dale is an artist himself so I knew he’d feel at home among the art works.  We met up one fearsomely hot evening (made hotter by the lights all around us) and we hung out among the neon, before heading over to Lloyd Park to catch the last of the evening sunshine.
It was really good fun working with Dale and Ed, and doing something a little bit different. A shoot like this isn’t for everyone but I quite like the way it feels a little bit sleazy.

As an aside, Gods Own Junkyard has recently opened a new venue on the same estate, called The Blitz Factory. It will be available to rent out for weddings and they’ll decorate it for you with neon and props from the Junkyard. Amazing. I must photograph a wedding there. (more…)



Diary of a Boho Bride – Kirsten and Chris. Entry 5 – ‘Money, Money, Money’

diary of a boho bride

Today we are back with Kirsten and Chris for their fifth instalment as a Boho Bride. Today is the subject of money. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer when it comes to money in a wedding. Some people choose to budget every wedding purchase and others blow the budget totally. We would love to know your thoughts on the tricky ‘money’ question as I know we all have very different opinions.

Chris Burns & Kirsten McMillan

I’ll pass you over to Kirsten…….

Weddings are expensive. FACT. No matter how much bargaining, bartering and DIY-ing you do, there *will* be costs. In fact, not only are there costs: there are costs hidden in costs, especially if you’re not sticking to the default wedding plan. A recent study showed that the average wedding cost in the UK has soared to £18,244. More than half of newlywed’s (52 %) think wedding costs have spiralled out of control, with 12 % now in more than £3,000 worth of debt due to the cost of their big day. So why is it so expensive?
Dropping the ‘W-bomb’ immediately costs you when talking to suppliers. I get it – weddings are stressful and suppliers must meet high expectations. Caterers need to send out large quantities of perfectly cooked food within a very narrow time-frame; venues must ensure the day runs smoothly; bands must fill the dance floor; and florists need to keep their flowers alive and kicking (less kicking, more turgid). Tricky – I know.

This becomes ever more apparent should you wish to deviate from the norm. Any changes or personal touches will cost you to the nearest £1,000 (as ridiculous as that sounds – that’s what we have found). For example:

Would you like a door for your marquee? That will be £2,000 please.
No, I would rather my guests spent the night appreciating the outside of the marquee only?! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.
Would you like fireworks? That will be £1,000 please.
Unless those fireworks create a sparkling image of mine and my husband’s face, I would rather just buy them from a supermarket for £100, thanks.

So why do we all just go along with the status quo? So maybe we (the couples) need to stop paying? Stop saying yes to unnecessarily high wedding costs and premiums. Stop saying yes to overpriced average food, and stop saying yes to controlling wedding venues that don’t allow for personal touches. In addition to this, we all need to get better at praising a job well done, and *loudly* recommending passionate, helpful and cost-effective suppliers. For example: that small friendly catering business that created your perfect (ecologically sound) menu for a reasonable cost; that florist that went out their way to source your favourite flowers from local markets; the venue that not only cared about personal touches, but helped you create your vision. These are the people that need to be recognised.

With wedding costs in mind, I wanted to go through the top average wedding related costs, and suggest cheeky alternatives.

Wedding Money Jar (more…)



Claire and Darren’s 2 Day WedFest Outdoor Wedding. By Bridson Photography

It’s Friday! Woo Hoo! I am super excited for the weekend as tomorrow I am off to a wedding…as a guest! not as a planner but as an actual guest. I am sooooo excited! It’s going to be a wonderful day! I’m hoping I’ll be able to feature it on the blog so I won’t tell you too much about it! Today though I have this cracking outdoor festival wedding for you courtesy of  Bridson Photography. Claire and Darren decided on a relaxed 2 day wedding that they called Wedfest. They took on a country fete theme and filled the weekend with yurts, flowers, bunting and lots of music and smiles! A fab relaxed, chilled out wedding with a super happy bride and groom…perfect for any Friday!

‘Casual, relaxed, fun, crazy and free. Many guests after the event said that not only was it the best wedding they had ever been to, but one of the best experiences of their lives!’

1a 2 Day WedFest Outdoor Wedding By Bridson Photography 2 2 Day WedFest Outdoor Wedding By Bridson Photography

Claire and Darren were married on 8th June 2013 at Camp Katur, Camp Hill Estate, Kirklington, North Yorkshire. We wanted an outdoor festival style wedding with options for comfortable accommodation for guests that were unable to camp. It was important to us that we had free run of a large site, allowing all guests the ability to explore in their own time over a couple of days. We didn’t want to be limited by noise and time restrictions and needed it to be safe for the kids to play without supervision. Also when we visited the site Kerry and Dave were really lovely to deal with and very enthusiastic about our ideas. We were the first wedding to be held there, that felt really fun. We got engaged in November 2012, went to view locations in January 2013, put a deposit down in February and then started planning from there, so it probably took about three and a half months to plan! Considering the amount of work that was going to have to go into a self planned and run wedding it was rather ambitious, but we pulled it off. We had 200ish guests, another reason for choosing the site. We didn’t want to be restricted to numbers.

3 2 Day WedFest Outdoor Wedding By Bridson Photography

4 2 Day WedFest Outdoor Wedding By Bridson Photography (more…)



Flower School: How to Get The Best From Your Blooms with Campbells Flowers

  campbells Flowers

Flowers we all love them right? what’s not to love? Fresh flowers brighten up any house, the gorgeous scent, the beautiful colours, flowers really can cheer a room up! However if you’re anything like me they never last as long a you want them to! Well today Tracey from Campbells Flowers is here to tell us how to get the most from our flowers and how to make them last longer. Tracey is a good friend of mine and a wonderful florist, she creates some amazing arrangements for weddings an is an expert in he field, so I am delighted to have he here on the blog today offering her advice!

1 How to Get The Best From Your Blooms with Campbells Flowers

I’ll pass the blog over to Tracey……..

My heartfelt thanks to Kelly for getting in touch recently and giving us the opportunity to talk flowers with all you lovely Boho brides and grooms out there.  Here at Campbell’s HQ we’ve had the most incredible wedding season, working with some really wonderfully creative brides designing abundant, ‘just-picked’ prettiness, using the most amount of locally grown blooms ever.  Many of you worry that meadowy, romantic, seasonal blooms don’t last as long as the more traditional flowers you might find in an average flower shop, but this needn’t be the case, if you know how to look after them properly.

So we’ve put together a list of handy hints and tips of how to get the best from your beautiful blooms, whether it’s your special wedding day bridal bouquet or if you’ve been lucky enough to receive a gorgeous hand tied thank you or anniversary bouquet.

Cambell's Flowers

Re Cut The Stems

If there’s one golden rule about looking after flowers, it’s always, always re-cut the stems before you pop them into water.  Without going all technical on you, the fact is that once out of water, flower stems start closing up which restricts their absorption of water.  Re-cutting the stems opens all their little cell up to having a good drink – the key to a happy long life methinks!

3 How to Get The Best From Your Blooms with Campbells Flowers (more…)



Chris and Rachel’s Fabulous Fun Wedding, all Planned in 10 Weeks. By Sophie Evans

Today’s wedding is proof that you don’t need loads of time and a whole stack of cash to create a wedding that is fun and personal to you. Rachel and Chris decided that they wanted to have a fabulous wedding but without it breaking the bank. On top of that they decided to plan it all in 10 weeks! eek!! Well they pulled it off and the result is a fab, fun, laid back pub wedding where the couple did everything themselves and cut out loads of the fuss that can sometimes just make weddings over complicated! I love this wedding, it’s refreshing to see such a laid back day, Rachel and Chris have done a great job in pulling the day together in such a short space of time. Big thanks to Sophie Evans for the photos.

‘A fabulous, fun day for all our friends and family to enjoy. An unusual tailor-made wedding that suited our personalities and relationship perfectly’

1a Fun Wedding planned in 10 Weeks By Sophie Evans 2 Fun Wedding planned in 10 Weeks By Sophie Evans

Rachel and Chris were married on 13th  July 2014 at The Church Inn, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. ‘We wanted a venue that was relaxed for both us and our guests and somewhere good for a party with great food. And we only decided to get married 3 months before so we didn’t exactly have a large/any budget!. We had 120 guests and it took roughly 10 weeks to plan.’

3 Fun Wedding planned in 10 Weeks By Sophie Evans

4 Fun Wedding planned in 10 Weeks By Sophie Evans (more…)



Advice From the Married Side – Real Brides Advice From Their Wedding Day

advice from the married side

It’s been a while (a few months actually!) but this afternoon I am pleased to welcome back one of my favourite features ‘Advice from the Married Side’. I have so many amazing real weddings on the blog and for each one I feature I ask the couple a number of questions, one of these questions being advice for other couples. Sometimes the answers get lost amongst the pretty pictures, so each month I bring you a selection of these brides (and grooms) words of wisdom! I hope there will be something amongst these experiences that help you while planning your own wedding……….Happy Planning!


Photo By Fotografmatlida


  • Make sure you have a clear idea of the timings. Dave and I got married at 12pm and I wouldn’t change it. It felt we had more time to spend with our family and friends
  • Make sure you plan who is going to help you and when this so that you don’t end up carrying your own wedding presents home in a bucket or having to ring around to make sure your venue is emptied on time on the morning after
  • People shouldn’t be put off doing a registry office wedding and then doing a ceremony outdoor later, make a weekend out of it – we had an amazing time.
  • Enjoy every minute of the build up , the day is so short.
  • Plan it as you and your partner want it, not to suit any one else’s ideas. It’s your day so let the day reflect your personality.
  • Enjoy the whole process! Being engaged should be a very special time.
  • Enjoy yourselves, it’s too easy to get bogged down in details.
  • Don’t overdo the planning as nothing is worth that sort of stress. Just plan your day for how you want it
  • Enjoy the planning phases and use it as an opportunity to express yourselves and learn about each other. Even though we had been together for 4-5 years (living together for 3-4) when we were organising the wedding we learnt so much about each other’s tastes and expectations.

Photo by Photography 34

On The Day 

  • Stay calm and enjoy every moment because it goes so fast!
  • It goes so quickly. Everyone says that but it really does. Take a step back and take it all in!
  • Things will go wrong or not exactly to plan – a few things with us did but we realised it didn’t matter, we were married and happy and no-one else noticed so it didn’t matter!
  • Delegate, remember your only job is to look great and have fun. Make sure someone else is clock watching!
  • The day goes so quickly so you just need to embrace everything that happens and really stop to look at each other and say I love you
  • Take a few moments here & there to just stop & take everything in & smile.
  • Make sure you both see each other & make time to see each other as it can get very hectic
  • Take some time away during your day, we were given this advice from another couple and we are so pleased we took it! Thankfully we were whisked to take some shots away from the venue, this time was really special to us giving us the chance just to relax and enjoy the moment.
  • Also take it all in, everyone will tell you the day goes by in a whirlwind and it truly does. Enjoy every minute and appreciate that some things just won’t be exactly the way you want but other things will be beyond your expectations. Just enjoy every minute!