Boho Loves Fabulous Suppliers – W/C 15th September

Boho Loves fabulous suppliers

As you know the Blog also has its own Wedding Directory in the form of Boho Wedding Directory.  The Directory is a hand-picked list split up into suppliers and regions making it super easy for you to find the perfect Boho supplier for your wedding day and it is growing each week. Just to make life that bit easier for you and to make sure you don’t miss any of the wonderful suppliers that are getting added to the directory, I will regularly showcase the suppliers I have added here as a mini update.

If you are a supplier and you are interested in getting onto the the directory then email me directory@boho-weddings.com  for an application form.

Entertainment: The Professional Entertainers

Boho Weddings
Bespoke, personal dance routines for your big day, with the hope of giving you that extra confidence boost on the dance floor.  “By the end we had confidence in our abilities and walked on only a little nervous.  Our dance became one of the big talking points of the night.
More information - www.boho-weddings.com/professional-entertainers

Filmmakers: Silver Sixpence Films

silver sixpence Silver Sixpence Films make beautiful, bespoke, cinematic wedding films. Our vision is to create individual, personal and beautiful films that draw upon our extensive experience working on Hollywood films such as Harry Potter and James Bond Skyfall, adding a cinematic style that will make any wedding film unique. We offer a competitive range of packages that will suit all budgets.
More Information: www.boho-weddings.com/silver-sixpence-films


Make Up Artist: Frances Moore

13 Frances Moore MUA

Frances is Hampshire’s leading Professional Bridal Makeup Artist, who also covers the South coast, Surrey & Berkshire border. She will help to guide and create a unique beautiful look that is completely tailored to you – whether it’s a Boho, vintage or natural look you want to achieve she will listen to your needs.
More Information: www.boho-weddings.com/frances-moore-mua


Stationery: Serendipity Wedding Design

Serendipity Wedding Design, Square photo, 230px

Serendipity Wedding Design is a bespoke wedding stationery company based in Stourbridge. All our designs are lovingly designed and can be customised for you. We offer a wide range of styles, whether it is a vintage or rustic country style you are looking for, contemporary or something quirky we can help you here.
More Information: www.boho-weddings.com/serendipity-wedding-design-ltd


Cakes: Bizcocho Pastries


Our Priority at Bizcocho Pastries is to make our customers happy producing the most beautiful, delicious and original bespoke cakes. We pride ourselves on utilising only the highest quality ingredients and materials to produce that centre piece that will be memorable for your special day.
More Information: www.boho-weddings.com/bizcocho-pastries



If you are interested in getting yourself added on to the ‘Boho Wedding Directory’ email me at directory@boho-weddings.com  for an application form.


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Diary of a Boho Bride – Emily & Jonny, Entry 2: Save The Dates & “Minus 1 Year” Wedding Anniversary.

diary of a boho bride

Happy Friday afternoon everyone! and how are you all? This afternoon I have another instalment of Diary of a Boho Bride for you and today it’s the turn of Emily and Jonny. Last time Emily talked to us about her experience of wedding dress shopping. Today it is all about the Save the Dates and the fact that it is now 1 year till they get married. Emily’s stationery sounds lovely as does the whole theme to theme of the wedding, I can’t wait to see the finished result!

Emily and Jonny

I’ll pass you over to Emily………

This month we have been focused on our save the dates and our “minus 1 year” Wedding Anniversary. I’m writing this post on the 12th September, exactly one year until our wedding day. The thought of this is so exciting. My family and friends have been bombarded with texts of excitement and giddiness already and it isn’t even 9am!

This time next year, I wonder what I’ll be doing and what I’ll be thinking. Will I be stressed, calm or tipsy? I really don’t know, but the more organized I can be in the next 12 months, the better.

  • 12 months of counting down the days.
  • 12 months of organisation and preparation; stacking magazines and mood boards galore.
  • 12 months of wedding talk.
  • 12 months to get the desired wedding figure (unfortunately this cannot be pre-booked or bought)
  • 12 months of wedding dreams and nightmares; I had one the other night in which none of the chairs matched and the flower girls had no petals to throw down the aisle. Ok, the nightmares aren’t so dramatic at the minute; let’s hope they stay like that! Please share your wedding dreams and nightmares; I think they make good reading!

Bring on the next 12 months! It’s going to be great. This time next year, we’ll be married.

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2 people 1 Life: Wedding 55 – Romanian Wedding in the heart of Transylvania

Today we are back with Lisa and Alex from 2 people 1 life for wedding number 55 in Transylvania, Romania……..Yes wedding 55!! Last time Lisa and Alex were in Lithuania with a traditional pagan ritual, and today they are keeping up with tradition with this traditional Romanian wedding ceremony, which id not only full of love and sentiment but lots of fun as well!

(In case you have missed the whole story, Lisa and Alex have spent the last two years travelling round the world getting married in every country they visit, you can read more about their adventures HERE.)




Our wedding day in Romania, in the heart of Transyvania was filled to the brim with culture, tradition, friends, drinking, dancing and bride hiding and stealing, not to mention the crowing and hopping test we had to pass to be allowed to wed! Such an incredible day and in a beautiful country! Romania constantly surprised us during our stay there. Cluj Napoca is such a beautiful and historic town with a young, modern edge. Coffee shops and cool bars with outdoor seating lined the streets and gorgeous boutique stores hid among homes along cobbled streets.

We were to travel in convoy up to Lapustesti where all of our guests would set up tents for the night, build bonfires and then change for the wedding. We sat nervously waiting with bated breath until everyone arrived. We drove to the meeting point and soon our original 4 cars and Peggy turned into 10 cars and Peggy all with coloured streamers attached to bumpers, windows, handles and aerials and all tooting horns and toting beer and Tuica! We wound our way to the village then with the thunder! The heavens opened and as the coloured streamers got wet they painted rainbows down the sides of the cars and across wet windshields. The rain had thankfully died down to a drizzle as we arrived in Lapustesti and were greeted by Vasile and Silvia, the lovely old couple we had met the previous day. The whole village became a hive of activity, the men gathering wood for bonfires and putting up tents, the women collecting wild flowers from the nearby fields to make me a bouquet and Alex and I stood in the middle of it all completely bewildered but with a plastic beaker of wine in hand! It seemed like only moments had passed when Alex was led in one direction and I in the other.




The girls dressed me in my 100 year old costume, sang to me and fed me cakes while I was being prepared for the wedding. Once I was ready, the flower crown on my head, make up applied and cake eaten I was led to a back room where Alida explained to me the ritual of hiding the brideI was to remain hidden until Alex had been offered two fake brides. One an old lady and one a young lady, the intention of this ritual is to remove any concealed magic or evil spirits which would threaten the new family. Alex had been dressed in his 50 year old outfit and prepared by all of the men in a separate house and by the time we were at each others sides he had drank 12 shots of Tuica which is a strong homemade plum brandy! He was wobbly on his feet and was at the stage in-between being giggly drunk and falling over drunk. The drinks master was good at his job and made sure we were all equally lubricated by the time we made it to the hill where we would exchange our vows.

As we left the house there was more singing and dancing, more Tuica to be drunk and Alex and I had to pin small bunches of flowers to everyones chests. Similar to a western Boutonniere, the COCARDE are worn to distinguish the guests relationship with the Bride and Groom, the parents, siblings and best men. In Romania all of the guests wear them and keep them as a memento from the wedding and wear them to represent their well wishes for the couple.



As we neared the wedding hill and the procession grew and grew we were met by a barrier blocking our way. A local farmer had a chain crossing our path and demanded payment from Alex to allow him to take me as his bride. The ritual is that they demand payment of some kind and to make the couple complete a forfeit to prove their willingness to be married. So without further ado, Alex’s godfather for the day, Sorin, paid the farmer with Tuica and we were instructed that to pass, Alex had to crow like a cockerel while I hopped on one leg. Luckily he was satisfied and after all of these rituals we were finally allowed into the field over looking a beautiful valley to exchange our vows.




Camelia held us a small ceremony as our guests watched on, played guitar and sang quietly and before you we knew it we were wed for the 55th time! I threw the bouquet for all of the single ladies, it was a very strict tradition that no women with a partner or spouse could try to catch it and that was it! Time to party! Such an incredible day steeped in  culture, tradition and all incredible fun, and this was all before the wedding party began. Yet to come was bonfires, melting Salo on sticks until it dripped onto fresh bread, drinking more Tuica and wine, singing and dancing and being stolen…another ritual where I was physically picked up and stolen from the dance floor at the party, Alex of course won me back by offering the thieves more Tuica…as you can imagine it was rather a messy night.







We had great fun and danced until the wee hours of the morning. Everyone stayed the night in the field in their tents regardless of the freezing drizzling weather and with our heads in our hands and feeling tired and rough we all went together for soup at the Matis Pension the next day. The wedding was definitely made by the people that gathered to help us celebrate. Every one of them started as a stranger that very same day but as we left the next afternoon we had made so many new friends. Even with language barriers, different histories and different futures, we all had the best fun together. We all let down our hair and partied like we had been friends for life, and I hope that now, that will be the case.

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To follow Lisa and Alex’s journey go to


If you have missed any of the previous weddings you can catch up HERE 






Rebecca and Harry’s Vintage Inspired Barn Wedding with a Candy Anthony Dress. By Tom Halliday

I have anther gorgeous wedding for you today courtesy of Tom Halliday. It’s the wedding of Rebecca and Harry who have pulled together a fabulous feast of vintage inspired loveliness, coupled with some amazing DIY projects. With a stunning Candy Anthony dress and a rather dashing vintage tweed suit, Rebecca and Harry are certainly a very stylish couple and lovers of anything with a vintage twist. They had a good strong idea how they wanted their wedding to look and feel, and this they achieved with lots of research, lots of planning and lots of hard work. From the hessian bunting to the gorgeous bridesmaids dresses, the ice cream van to the amazing decoration, everything about this wedding is first class and just brimming with beautiful details.

‘One of the most perfect and happiest fun filled days we’ve ever had. The wedding we had always dreamt about and will never ever forget.’

1 Vintage Barn Wedding with a Candy Anthony Dress. By Tom Halliday 2 Vintage Barn Wedding with a Candy Anthony Dress. By Tom Halliday

Rebecca and Harry were married on the 30th May 2014 at Leatherhead registry office, followed by a reception at Gildings Barn, Surrey. ‘Harry has always dreamed of being a farmer and we both love the countryside so we knew we wanted to celebrate our special day in a barn. We tried over 25 venues, but most were fully booked for the months between May to September and the ones available just weren’t quite right! We’d almost given up hope and decided to postpone our wedding when we came across Gildings barn. The minute we stepped through the door we knew this was our dream venue. The barn itself was absolutely stunning inside and set in beautiful grounds. It was in a very private rural location which was exactly what we wanted. One of the most appealing things was we hired the barn as a blank canvas and were able to decorate it and make it our own for the day. We both wanted an informal, small, wedding ceremony, so decided upon a registry office. Leatherhead wasn’t far from the barn and the garden of the registry office was a very pretty setting for the photos afterwards. We were able to personalise the ceremony by choosing our own readings, music and vows.We had a relatively small wedding with an intimate ceremony with 28 of our immediate family and close friends at the registry office, with 37 additional for lunch at the barn and 15 additional in the evening. The wedding took 16 weeks to plan!’

3 Vintage Barn Wedding with a Candy Anthony Dress. By Tom Halliday

4 Vintage Barn Wedding with a Candy Anthony Dress. By Tom Halliday (more…)



Pip and Adam’s Sussex Barn Wedding. By Paul Fletcher

Well its Wednesday already, it will be the weekend before we know it! I have a gorgeous wedding for you this Wednesday – a classic barn wedding from sunny Sussex. The wedding which has been sent in to me by Paul Fletcher is a classic English wedding, from the roast beef and the cake table to the VW camper van and not forgetting all the DIY details and the meters and meters of bunting. Pip and Adam, the bride and groom, were looking to achieve a classic English garden party, taking in the English countryside and they did just that!

‘We wanted to create a relaxed English summer affair with a modern twist. We also took advantage of many talented and helpful family and friends to make it a homespun and personal day.’

1a Sussex Barn Wedding By Paul Fletcher Wedding ceremony at the Meeting House, Sussex University and wedding reception at Fitzleroi Barn, West Sussex, for Adam and Pip

Pip and Adam were married on the 17th of May, with a ceremony at The Meeting House on the University of Sussex campus then on to a reception at Fitzleroi Barn, Fittleworth, West Sussex. ‘We really wanted a ceremony venue that had sentimental value for both us. Music is important to us so a religious (Anglican) wedding allowed us to have hymns, an organ and a choir. For the reception we wanted somewhere we could make our own with personal touches and DIY decoration – Fitzleroi was perfect for us and Julia was great. We had 100 guests at the ceremony and reception, another 40 or so for the evening party. We took 18 months in total to plan the wedding – it was great doing it over a long period of time as we really wanted to add some home spun touches and it meant we didn’t feel too rushed about things and enjoyed the wedding planning process.’

Wedding ceremony at the Meeting House, Sussex University and wedding reception at Fitzleroi Barn, West Sussex, for Adam and Pip

Wedding ceremony at the Meeting House, Sussex University and wedding reception at Fitzleroi Barn, West Sussex, for Adam and Pip (more…)



Boho Loves: Frances Moore MUA – Wedding Make-Up


Frances Moore

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about wedding make-up artists, the services you can expect from them and what they really do for you. Today following on the theme of wedding make up I am delighted to introduce you to Frances from Frances Moore MUA. Frances LOVES weddings, which makes her the perfect person to have around you on your wedding day. She is an expert in her field and  brings with her a whole host of experience that will make your wedding day perfect! I have invited Frances onto the blog to tell you a bit more about herself and her work.

Frances Moore MUA

‘Hampshire’s leading Professional Freelance Bridal Make up Artist, covering the South coast & the Surrey/Berkshire borders.’

1 Frances Moore MUA

I’ll pass you over to Frances……..

What made you start your business?
I’ve always had a great passion for the Makeup Industry as a whole, so it was no surprise to anyone when I gained a qualification in Designing & Applying Makeup. I started off like many wedding suppliers by being asked to do a few friends’ bridal makeup here & there – using my knowledge from the theatrical part of my training (waterproofing makeup!) and from the classic vintage element, to create true-to-self – but stunning looks. After discovering I absolutely adored my friend’s weddings I just said to myself one day ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if I did this all the time?’ so I did!

When did you start?
I’ve had the business a couple of years now, and I could literally never see myself doing anything else.

Where are you based?
I’m based in central Southampton, but I cover all of Hampshire, the South coast & the Surrey/Berkshire borders. But I can usually be found somewhere in the gorgeous New Forest National Park.

2 Frances Moore MUA

3 Frances Moore MUA (more…)