Jenny and Josh’s Relaxed, Handmade and Crafty Cambridge Wedding by Kirsten Mavric

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Todays wedding is rather special as it comes from a couple who won their wedding photography from last years Readers Survey. The very talented and incredibly generous Kirsten Mavric offered the prize and today’s wedding is the result of her fabulous work. This Cambridge Wedding is gorgeous and just goes to show that the boho reader really does have great taste and great ideas! The wedding is full of lovely individual ideas as Jenny the bride writes her own crafting blog Tea for Two with her twin sister, so the wedding is chocka block with amazing DIY details! Kirsten’s photography is utterly stunning as well! I love the light bright, crisp nature of her photos which mixes so well with this beautiful wedding.

Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding

The Lovely couple Jenny and Josh were married on 27th July (a popular date as it is the same date as yesterdays real bride) and they held the ceremony and reception at Hotel Felix in Cambridge. They had 51 guests in the day and a further 12 in the evening. It took about a year to plan.

‘A fun and relaxed vintage-inspired day with lots of handmade and crafty touches that made it special and unique to us.’

Relaxed Handmade Wedding

Relaxed Handmade Wedding

How they met
We met in our 2nd year at university on a night out for a mutual friend’s birthday. I think our friends could see that our initial awkward chit-chat was destined to be something very special and did everything they could to get us together!

The proposal
We were in New York as part of a lovely holiday exploring the East coast of the States. One evening we went for a romantic dinner at the Boathouse restaurant in Central Park. We had a delicious meal with lots of wine and laughter and then afterwards took a walk around the lake. We stopped to pause on a bridge (which Josh later informed me is a famously romantic bridge used by lots of filmmakers such as Woody Allen) and looked out over the water and the sparkling restaurant lights in the distance. Then all of a sudden Josh turned to me, got down on one knee and popped the question! I was so surprised because he hadn’t seemed at all on edge. I promptly burst into tears and of course said Yes at the same time. It was lovely!

Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding

The venue
We had considered all sorts of venues from your basic registry office and bare barn, to the more formal hotel. We wanted somewhere beautiful that we could add our decorative touches and quirky ideas to but also somewhere that would provide fantastic food and look after us meaning we wouldn’t have to worry about a thing on the day. Hotel Felix gave us all that!

Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding

How did you choose your photographer?
We were actually very lucky because we won Kirsten’s services in a competition on this blog! We privately agreed the photos on her website looked fantastic but we first had to meet her and make sure she got “us” and the vibe of our day before we committed. Luckily we met up and saw some more of her photos and had absolutely no doubts that she would be amazing! She’s one of the loveliest, most enthusiastic people and along with her second photographer Fanni took the most stunningly beautiful photos of the day. I start to well up with tears every time I look at them.

Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding

The dress
My dress was 1930s vintage from Helena at Heavenly Vintage Brides. I first saw it at a vintage wedding fair and then went to Helena’s house numerous times (each time dragging a different bridesmaid) to try it on again and for adjustments. Helena is just amazing – so kind and welcoming and her selection of beautiful dresses is beyond belief. My earrings were my “something borrowed” from a friend. Josh gave me the Vivienne Westwood pearl bracelet on the morning of the wedding and my vintage hair slides were from another vintage wedding fair. My beautiful art deco-style shoes were Carmen by Rachel Simpson from Fur Coat No Knickers.

The suit and bridesmaids
Josh got his suit custom-made by Moss Bros Bespoke. The service was fantastic – so detailed and careful, and the suit is so well-made. The bridesmaid dresses were from Forever 21 and we added the raspberry ribbon as a sash ourselves. The groomsmen wore their own suits and we gave them blue spotty ties to match Josh’s pink spotty tie.

Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding

There was a vague raspberry and cream colour scheme at the beginning but this very quickly got more and more relaxed! I think overall we were just trying to aim for a day that was all about us and that was full of my crafty and home-made efforts.

My family friend Vanessa did the flowers for us and did a fantastic job. I collected silver and glass vases and containers from charity shops and rinsed out old jars and frosted them for flowers to go in on the tables – and just asked Vanessa to fill them with lots of lovely flowers in pinks and creams. She took my vision and gave us exactly what I had wanted! She also did the bouquets and the men’s buttonholes and they were perfect.

Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding

We ate a delicious 3-course wedding breakfast – bread crumbed Somerset brie with a red onion chutney for starter then pan-fried chicken breast with boulanger potatoes, veg and jus for main. We then had a lemon and vanilla panacotta for pud. The food at the hotel is amazing and they didn’t disappoint! We also had lovely canapés, coffee and petit fours. Our wedding cake was scrummy red velvet cupcakes from Fizbillie’s of Cambridge and we also had our own DIY sweetie table.

The hotel had a resident DJ that came as part of the package. We gave him an exact list of the songs we wanted and in a particular order and he was very good at sticking to it completely! We asked our guests to request a song when they RSVP’d and we have very particular tastes about what we like to dance to so we felt like an exact list was the only way to go!

Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding

I made heart garlands out of paper to hang in the rooms and some lovely big tissue paper pompoms. My sister made metres and metres of bunting (about 40 in total!) which we decorated the hotel garden and gazebo with. As we had the ceremony outdoors it looked so so pretty. I also made teacup candles to have on the tables during the meal and these were then lit for the evening. I also made square “table runners” from lovely fabrics to brighten up the white table linen.

Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding

Personal touches
I am a committed arts and craftster so was always going to have lots and lots of handmade things at my wedding.
• Along with the decorations listed above I also made our table plan out of bunting and a vintage frame
• I made 51 order of service fans for the guests (these were placed on the chairs and had the order of service on one side and the schedule of the day on the other and they doubled up as fans!).
• We had the sweetie table that we put together ourselves and that my sister made a cute sign out of bunting for along with a table of fun props, signs and “Josh and Jen” masks.
• I also handmade our invites by printing onto tracing paper and then stitching this onto card-backed fabric
• I Made two cupcake stands for our wedding cupcakes.
• Our favours were jars of homemade jam that Josh’s mum made and we created a “Clark’s Jam” label and a luggage tag with each person’s name on.
• Our “guest book” was a huge wooden “J” that Josh’s dad made and we painted gold and our guests signed and left messages for us on. That will be going up in our flat!
• Our tables were numbered 1-6 and had pictures of each of us at that age and the number on top cut out of paper. I blogged about making most of these things on the blog that I write with my sister, http://teafortwodiary.blogspot.co.uk/

Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding

Special moments
My absolute favourite moment of the day was walking down the aisle looking at Josh at the end and then just getting married to him. That was the most special part. But then there were so many other special moments – the speeches were so great and funny and the evening dancing was so much fun and generally having a small enough guest list and relaxed enough day to be able to chat properly with everyone.

Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding

You may well get pressure or advice from so many other people while you’re planning your day but it’s so important to think about what YOU want, what YOU’LL remember as being important, and also crucially – what is so unimportant that it’s not worth thinking about. We didn’t have certain things that some people think you have to have at a wedding – wedding rings, a long top table, a receiving line etc. – and I’m glad because none of that mattered to us. And we had enough stuff to think about that did matter to us!

Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding

Biggest surprise
Quite a few things were a complete surprise or totally unplanned! Josh and I both cycle and a tandem was a bit of a running theme throughout our wedding invites and other bits and bobs. So Josh’s mum and dad secretly arranged for us to have a tandem in the hotel garden with a sign saying ‘Today’s the Day!’ and a picture of the email we had sent everyone as our save the date. My dress meant I couldn’t get on it unfortunately but we have some great photos of some of our friends riding it round the garden!
Another fun unplanned moment was after I threw the bouquet – someone piped up that it’s an American tradition for the groom to take the bride’s garter off with his teeth and then throw it for all the male guests to catch. So we had to do it! The pictures of a fair few of the guys pushing each other out of the way to catch the garter are pure comedy!
My favourite surprise moment though was Josh’s speech. Obviously I knew he was doing one but he was so nervous about doing it I did wonder if it would be OK! It was an amazing speech – full of laughter and lovely words, and he even made me cry at the beautiful things he said.

Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding Relaxed Handmade Wedding


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  1. Jo and Peter

    Fantastic wedding. So personal and lovely to see so many happy folk celebrating Jen and Josh’s special day. They are made for each other and put so much of their personalities into the planning.

    Completely biased,
    Jo & Peter (Josh’s Mum and Dad!)


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